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I've got more time than money. I ended up trying 1.8" 444 cases with the bullets seated out and they shot for crap. So I'd need to make a 444x1.8" barrel for it so it can be used in our firearm season. I'd hate to mess with that gun as it shoots so well with 444 sized cartridges. I tried 357max cases in my 336 and it looks like the carrier and cartridge stops would need changed along with a new barrel. Haven't given up on it, but likely won't work on it until it's much warmer. I've got plenty of 357Max cases, a .358" 1:14" blank and lots of spare time.

ended up ordering another carrier to modify to see if I can get my 336 from trying to double feed. I was able to get it to feed multiple rounds if the lever wasn't pulled all the way, and the carrier was pushed up sooner. Looking at my 444 carrier and a 336 T-44 carrier I think it just needs a lever or flapper to limit how far back a cartridge can come and for the carrier to lift up/cur off the mag tube sooner. I'd hate to have to mill a new carrier so I'll see if another one can easily be modified to work. If so a replacement barrel is easy enough. It'll have to be octagon though!

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