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Originally Posted by buckskin View Post
Very interesting and worth a shot. A good red grapefruit is hard to beat anyway so win/win...
I read the article , Never acquired a taste for Grapefruit , I would have to force feed myself . some people who commented really swear by it .

Mice die in traps because they dont understand why the cheese is free .
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Originally Posted by mcbammer View Post
I am the heaviest I ever been currently , mainly because I got 20 years wear on a artificial hip , and here recently Its been acting up and I have been staying off of it as much as possible . Do those water pills make you nervous and jittery ? Isnt that what truck drivers use to take to stay awake ?

I don't know what truckers use to stay awake now. In the old days it was "bennies" in my part of the world which was benzidrine and I only knew that from listening to the truckers talk around the truck stop where I bought gas. They could tell some tales that involved it's use. I don't believe it's my water pill and doubt it would keep anyone awake even with a high dosage and it isn't habit forming. The only side effect I have is it causes me to get a bit more exercise as bathroom trips are more often. Other than that and a lower blood pressure reading I can't tell I've taken anything.
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When I was 47 I was 5'9" and weighed 220. I was wound tight most of the time. Splicing fiber optic cable with an unreachable deadline in front of me was the norm. My blood pressure was 160/110. I'm now 62 and this morning weighed 185 lbs. My blood pressure is now 128/78. I haven't changed a thing in my diet just a whole lot more exercise and a whole lot less stress. I have two artificial knees and at the end of a long day of bird hunting they ache like mad but it's better to have that aching in my knees than in my chest. As far as the stress goes....I have a very strong approach in the direction of "letting it roll like water off a duck's back". I got rid of all the baggage. I refuse to let people, money or past experiences control me. I won't watch anything that rubs me with wrong way and won't read anything that rubs me the wrong way. However devine reproach that comes from scripture is a blessing when I yield to it. But then it's coming from God and not man. Big difference!

Aging is not optional neither is dying. In the meantime I will fight the good fight and smile through everything. I'll let God deal with my burdens. When exercising is no longer an option then maybe I will have to worry about my diet. In the meantime .....pass the salt shaker please!
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The Romans had salt mines, sometimes they would pay they're troops with it and they would use it to
barter for goods in the markets. Thus the old saying " He isn't worth his salt" if the soldier wasnt any good.
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Definitely a good thing to limit salt, but not all high BP is due to sodium. If you need meds to control BP, then take them. High BP does way more damage than the side effects of the meds.
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Diet, exercise, and removing stress are key ways of reducing BP. At a friendís recommendation I read a book called ďLies my Dr told meĒ by Dr. Ken Barry. He reviews the research that most people take as gospel. basicly everything the government has ever said about diet is wrong and is slowly making you sick. Big pharma wants you fat and sick so they can sell you more drugs. why did they lower the ďAcceptableď blood pressure levels some years back? Maybe to save lives, or to sell more drugs, you have to decide for yourself. Here is a link to a YouTube video where Dr Barry talks about high BP.

I would recommend reading up on the Keto diet, increase your exercising, and reducing stress.

Basics of Keto
High good fats protein and veggies, low carb. Avoid sugar, wheat, corn, rice, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, fruit. Eat grass fed meats With lots of fats and veggies. You plate should be 70% veggies, and the rest meat.

I would also get a home device for checking your BP. My BP normally read at the low end of the new level to be considered high. When I check my BP at home is is rock solid in the normal level. Seems I have White coat syndrome. It is actually a real thing

Iím 5í 5Ē and 53 years old with a very stressful job that keeps me on the road constantly. I used to weigh 175 with my 34 inch pants getting really tight. I started the Keto diet, and a body weight exercise program. I stopped bringing work home, and internalizing all of the issues at work. Iím still a work in progress, but Iím down to 153lbs wearing 30 inch pants fixing to drop down to 28 inch. I went from not being able to do any pull-ups to doing 3 set of 5. If I can do it anyone can do it.
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My bad knee swells within ten minutes of eating salty foods, so for certain salt causes fluid retention.
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Use Potassium Salt, takes a bit of getting used to but better than no salt.

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Stop drinking caffeinated drinks.

Most diet drinks are packed with salt.

"Last seen wandering Hoosier National Forest."
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Originally Posted by Jack Ryan View Post
Stop drinking caffeinated drinks.

Most diet drinks are packed with salt.
I stopped drinking soft drinks ,long ago

and switched to Sports drinks like Gatorade , Wrong move , sports drinks are loaded with sodium . As far as caffeine ,I only have one cup of coffee in the mourning .

Mice die in traps because they dont understand why the cheese is free .
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