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Default Accurate, Foul Smelling 22 L.R.Ammunition

I have a great granddaughter who just turned nine. I have been training her on 22 L.R. in a Western Auto M120 (Savage M60) and a CZ. Of course training cost ammunition and months back I became concerned having enough to train my great grandkids because there are others getting old enough to start.

At the time there was only Aguila Super Extra .22 L.R. on the shelve. On the box it says that it is Eley Primed.

I started the morning with the CZ and some older Federal 40-grain, solid round nose ammunition. This was a scope check up close then moved out to 75-yards. The rifle is accurate and reliable; a good gray squirrel rifle. When my brother showed up at the bench next to me I passed him the rifle and a carton of Winchester 36-grain Wildcat hollow point, copper washed bullets.

I continued with the Western Auto Model 120 semi-automatic with a tube magazine under the barrel. It has a 4X, 1 tube scope on it. I had the 3 diameter Birchwood Casey targets on my target backing at 75 yards. The rifle gave me a good group at that range and no failures to fire. The Federal ammunition dates back to the time I could buy it at less than $10 a brick.

I switched to a full box of Aguila Super Extra 2 L.R., 40-grain Roundnose, solid bullet. I kept the bullets on the 3 target at 75-yards; most of the time in good groups with a cross wind at 5mph and Gust to 14 mph. The wind was appreciated because the smoke from the Aguila stunk? At the discharge of a round there was a strong chemical odor. About one and three rounds failed to discharge. I did not try the Aguila in the Ruger 10/45 I had on the bench. During deer and squirrel season I carry a .22 pistol for squirrels.

I check the rim of each round and they had a good firing pin strike on the rim. I gave them to my brother to try in the CZ. Each Aguila round fired in the CZ. My brother mentioned the strong odor from firing the Aguila ammunition.

While the Aguila 22 L.R. is accurate enough for most gray squirrel hunting I think the smell from the round will increase the alarm of the squirrels after the first shoot. I suspect the odor clings to the hunter and will be carried on his clothing while he continues his hunt. It is a pungent odor! Odor aside the ammunition would be good for head shoots on gray squirrels.

After lunch we went to a Sporting Goods store to restock our supply of .22 L.R. ammunition. They had the Aguila ammunition in stock but each of us bought a brick of CCI Blazer 40-grain for 25% less and hopefully no pungent odor. I looked at a number of reviews of the Aguila 22 ammunition and there are no negative comments of the ammunition.

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yes, it does smell funny.

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I still have most of a brick of Aguila HVHP with which I shot my smallest group ever.
It measured .280 for five shots out of a remington 581

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great report

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misfire in 22 can be where the priming compound didn't reach all the way around the rim, take it out and turn it 180 degrees and it will often fire, I have seen a complete lack of priming compound in
a 22 cartridge. Have also seen a hangfire in a 22.

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Yep, Eley has that smell. Kinda pinchs your nose. The new Aguila that says Aguila priming vs Eley Priming smells just like the Eley.
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That has been very accurate in my target rifles and -0-, none, nada misfires in years and thousands fired.
22RF must have the firing pin strike be a good, solid hit at the rim to pinch it between the chamber and firing pin. I have had target 22LR semi-auto pistols that would misfire with some fouling at the rim-seat of the chamber which cushioned the blow too much. Keeping a 22LR arm's chamber and breech clean will solve many (most?) of misfire issues (well, at least that is where to start).
I have also seen misfire from 22LR arms that have a round tipped firing pin rather than a 'chisel tip' that the round tip hit too far inward and another that the round tip distributed the impact too softly; on that one I made it more of a chisel tip and the misfires disappeared.
Eley primed Aguila does have a distinctive aroma......usually called 'stink' by those unfamiliar with it.
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