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Smile Did some shooting today

It was a really nice day today. Temp topped out at 71 so after my nap I took a couple revolvers out to shoot. Like last time I shot I fired two guns not at all new to me but unfired since I had bought them.

One was a S&W Model 69 I had bought back in 2014. It is an L frame gun with 4.25" barrel and weights 37 ounces. It's chambered to .44 magnum but I bought it as a .44 special shooter. After today I'll mostly restrict it to .44 special loads.

Straight out of the box I loaded it up with some Winchester CAS level factory loads and fired three cylinder at about 10 yards freehand at swingers. What I mostly found out was it wasn't sighted in for that load at that distance. Yeah that means I missed more than I hit, a lot more in fact. So I back up to my shooting bench at 25 yards and try again. At least I hit one of the five shots. Looking at the holes in the ground near the target it was clear I was shooting to the left and high.

So I loaded up five rounds of max magnum loads using 210 grain bullets over W296. Whoa, what a wake up call. Recoil was just plain brutal. Needless to say I put those away and went back to the Winchester factor .44 special ammo.

Jump to gun #2, a Ruger Bisley 7.5" in .45 Colt. I don't recall when I got it so not sure if I've had it longer or a shorter time than the M69. Heck sometime well over a year after buying it I had totally forgotten I even bought it. I saw a Ruger box that didn't seem the right length mixed with other handgun boxes and opened it to find this gun. At first I wasn't even able to remember buying it. I eventually figured out I had bought it the day I had picked up a 22LR rifle for one of the grand kids and stashed it away totally forgetting about it.

I was using some Hornady CAS factory ammo in it and kinda repeated the drill from earlier shooting first at about 10 yards freehand on a metal swinger. Did some better but clearly it also wasn't sighted in so I broke out a target stand and put up some paper.

I shot a group first with the S&W at 10-12 yards and got a nice tight cluster well high and left of POA. So I adjusted the sights, fire another group then adjusted one more time. When I fired the next group it was well centered right at POA and was mostly a ragged hole. I called it good and moved to the Ruger.

I shot a six shot group with it and got an even tighter group than with the M69 but again high and left. I made a sight adjustment and fired another six shot group. It at up the target dot I was shooting at dead on POA and was a one hole group.

I was quite pleased with the results and since that was the last of the Hornady factory loads I had and I hadn't found any other .45 Colt loads before going out I called it a day and put things away.

This is my second shooting session of the year and my first for February. I have set a goal for myself of shooting at least one session each month this year. It has been a lot of years since I've done that, not since the death of my best friend and shooting partner Billy Doss back in 2001.

So in two shooting sessions this year I've now fired four different guns all handguns and all were unfired at the time I took them out. Yeah I still have several more unfired guns so who knows maybe the next shooting session I'll do a repeat and shoot some previously unfired guns.

We're gonna have some more nice weather next week so I hope to do better than last month and get in multiple shooting sessions this month.

Distances today were mostly short but then I don't shoot as well these days as I once upon a time did. Still today I turned in groups with factory ammo in guns never before shot at maybe 10-12 yards that were every bit as good as I USED to be able to do at 25 yards. With my shaking hands and soon to be 73 year old eyes I'll take that.

Any of the rest of you old farts getting out and shooting?

Bill aka the Graybeard

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

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I was out just before Christmas, with my youngest son. We we were at the gun club shooting rifle. He was shooting his AR at 200 yds. and smacking the steel IPSC target just about every shot. I broke out my .308 AR-10, to work with a new load. I had got a group with Varget and 178 Hornady just under 2'' last fall. That was just under 200 yds. New load was 168 gr. Sierra's with Varget. On the 4th shot, crosshairs collapsed into the bottom of the scope, so that ended my day.
Couple weeks ago, my oldest son, was plinking on our pistol range in the back of our property. We have 6.5 acre's, and local police have said, with a proper backstop, shooting is fine. We built a backstop with railroad ties and tires filled with dirt. Anyway, he had the Ruger 1911 out. So I put 7 rds in a mag., and let er' rip. Same IPSC target as the youngest son was shooting at 200 yds. I painted in a 6''x6'' orange center, with the outside border being white. I put all 7 in the orange in about 5 or 6 seconds. Felt good!! Sure don't do the shooting I use to. I know Bill, you use to shoot silhouette. I shot for many years. Oak Ridge,Tn, Ft.Stockton,Tx. and hundreds of local match's. But since most of my shooting/hunting buddies have died, not so much shooting. I really like getting out with my boys, doing more coaching than shooting. Ya got me buy 11 years, but at 62, I can sure feel the age. I made the mistake of telling my boys, that I could hit a 10'' gong at 100 yds with one of my Dan Wesson .44's awhile back. That one might come back to bite me in the butt. I know, when the weather warms up around here in a couple month's, they'll hold me to that one!! Wish me luck! gypsyman

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Thanks for the reminder Graybeard. I need to get off my butt and hit the trap range. I missed more ducks, geese and woodcock than I care to admit last season. I focused my energy training my dog but neglected my own training. I have a couple SXS shotguns that I hunt with, I need to get to the patterning board with those as well. I have some various sized bismuth samples that I want to try reloading, mostly larger sizes for some goose loads.

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I went day before yesterday. It was a little windy but it's always that way this time of year. I was comparing two Walther pistols to two RIA 1911 pistols. Conclusion: Walthers shoot groups half or less sized than RIAs with the same ammo at the same distance in 380 ACP and 9mm. The primidone was doing it's job and my hands weren't shaking and I was wearing my special glasses that allow me to see pistol sights clearly so it was a nice outing.

Yesterday this area was busy heating up some air to send over to Texas at 25-35 mph so I just went grocery shopping with the wife. Today Texas is sending it back to us but it's seriously cooler than when it left so it will be next week before I do any more shooting.
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I have a couple of years on you Greybeard. My hands shake something terrible, I even have trouble turning pages of a book. My eyesight however has never been better since I had cataract surgery last year. I can see my handgun sights better than I ever recall seeing them before. The photo is of groups shot from rest at 25 yards. I was trying out some .44 Colt handloads in my recently acquired Armi San Marco replica 1871 Richards conversion Colt, it shoots! Those are both 6 shot groups, the one at left with 208 gr. wadcutters measures 1.3"
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Joe, I also had cataract surgery late last year and am seeing far better these days than before the surgery. But I don't see the sights as clearly as back in the days when I was shooting competitively.

At times I sure experience that difficulty turning a page also.

Bill aka the Graybeard

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life anyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life!
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Greybeard, is your Ruger a vaquero or a Blackhawk? Don't recall you saying, I have a bisley Blackhawk in 44 mag I just love. Someday I hope to get to handloading for it, but as of now, with the rear site bottomed out, it is dead on at 100 yards with American eagle 240 gr hollow points so I haven't really messed with it. Just bought a canik TP9 SA semi auto a couple weeks ago, took it out last week, wow!!!! Going to be my carry gun, it is a shooter.
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The one I was shooting is the blued Bisley BH with 7.5" barrel. Ruger makes this gun in both .45 Colt like mine and in .44 Magnum. I've never owned a Vaquero. I do have a Bisley BH flat top in .44 Special with 5.5" barrel that is one of my favorites.

I did some scrounging in the loading area today and found my stash of both .44 Special and .45 Colt ammo I knew I had somewhere.

Bill aka the Graybeard

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life anyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life!
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Sounds like you guys did some really good shooting. I haven't fired a gun since last fall, unless ya want to count the 380 and the cat out of the bathroom window. I can't see very good anymore, medicare will pay for an eye test, but NOT for glasses, go figger.
Relatives of Patty's came down from Lou several Xs last year to camp, fish, and shoot. Both Brad and Josh are very careful with the guns and kids, 10- 17.
Before the brought the 4 boys out Jennifer asked ifit was OK to bring them sine they were Indian. Indian?? I said, why would you even ask that?? She said some people are prejudiced against them. BRING EM ON.
Josh's rules when coming here are NO PHONES OR ELECTRONIC gadgets. The 2 older boys sulked the first day with no toys, games, etc. When they left, it was, when can we come back??.
I just haven't had the desire to shoot much since the VA killed my best friend Tank in 2010. We used to shoot every Sun afternoon after Church and a good meal.
Keep shooting guys, I love reading about it, just can't see like I used to do.
I typed this all earlier then a popup came in I couldn't get rid of and I lost it. CHARLIE.
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Made it out to the range once last week and today I was there for 6 hours by myself. I try to go every week. Took 4 rifles and 6 pistols. Shot 3 of the rifles and 5 of the pistols.
Had the ejector break on the M94 .44 mag carbine; the pin and spring are history. I compared the Glock 26 and the Springfield XD compact 9mm today. I think I prefer
the XD over the Glock; it fits my hand better. Have to try them again next week to make a firmer decision.

When you're walking on eggs; don't hop!!
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