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Default A step backwards!

Today an older gentleman here-a-bouts brought me a New Model Blackhawk that he had recently acquired. He was told the gun was unsafe and wanted me to look at it. I noticed when I cocked the hammer that there was excess play in the hammer. The transfer bar was also missing and someone had filed the top side of the hammer flat so that it could strike the firing pin minus the transfer bar. I said out loud "somebody needs a kick in the nuts".

This old guy is a Viet Nam Veteran, a retired custodian and one very nice man. His wife is in the nursing home with Alzheimer's and he doesn't have spare change laying around. I felt bad for him. I got one of my Blackhawks out and showed him how his gun had been altered. We then looked at Brownell's website to see what the replacement parts were going to cost. Then it dawned on me. This particular Blackhawk of mine has play in the hammer and trigger and needs a spring kit and shims. It's the only Blackhawk that I own that is still a virgin and hasn't been tuned to the way that I like them. So I told the old guy to leave his gun and I'd fix it up for him. I ran to Brownell's and bought a Power Custom's kit with Bisley hammer with Power Custom's trigger already fitted to match the hammer. Hammer and trigger springs come with the kit. I also had to buy a Power Customs transfer bar to fit their set up.(You can grind the stock transfer bar to fit but I need it for the old gent's gun). I then put the new parts in my Blackhawk and my old parts plus a 40 oz trigger spring and 15 lb hammer spring along with a few shims in the old Vet's gun. The old fella's gun worked like a new one with perfect timing and zero play anywhere. I had to shorten the half **** notch on the pawl on my gun to get the hammer to **** at the same time as the cylinder latch pin popped into the cylinder notch, but it's as it should be now.

After I got done listening to Sir Donald campaigning in Pennsylvania where he ripped the Democrats to shreds( had to add that) I loaded up the old guy's gun and a hundred rounds of my plinker loads and delivered them to his door. He was very, very appreciative and that's what it's all about. On my way home I thought about the other stuff that I was going to do today that didn't get done, but that quickly faded. I had a wonderful day in my element doing what I love to do and helped someone that was very deserving along the way. Viet Nam Vets are special people to me!

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Random acts of kindness are the outflow of a renewed heat through faith in Jesus our lord. You did good my brother.


Christian by choice, American by the grace of God.

NRA LIFE, Trump for 2020
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EXELLENT! Those are the folks that need helping gpa&hisguns.

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
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Thank you for sharing this good thing you did. I, as well, am enjoying giving of my time and effort at the VA, if you happen to know anyone around your area that would enjoy doing as well, the DAV needs drivers for veterans to get to Iowa City for treatment, as far as I know there is no one now for your county. I spoke with the last one about 3 weeks ago, he was moving and could no longer serve as driver, the lady he brought had to reschedule for lack of transportation.
As an aside, one of my riders was a medic for 2 tours at a time when the average survival was 14 days, after his service he had a prison ministry for 13 years, seems to me the Lord knew he would walk out his calling to ministry.
Proud to know you friend!

Come quickly, Lord Jesus
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Random acts of kindness make the world a better place.

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Not many would do as you just have done. Loved the story and especially the motive.....kindness! Thanks for sharing.
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very nice of you but for 30 bucks to ship it to them ruger would have replaced it. I recently picked up an 300 bo American someone painted with duracoat and baked in the oven. It was real ugly. The guy also did some home school trigger job on it. I got ahold of ruger and asked told them the story. they said for the price of shipping they would look at it and worse case send it back on there dime. Just got an email this morning there going to send me a brand new gun. Clip fed version to boot. Most times if somethings been altered on a ruger they will just toss it in the trash and give you a new one. you might even want to consider getting your new parts back and sending it in like it was. It was a nice thing you did no doubt but I quit doing trigger jobs on other peoples guns. I did one on a 1911 for a guy I knew that shot ppc with me and about a month later he shot a hole in his living room floor. All I could think about was what if it would have been his kid and I ended up in court.

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Kudos to you may god bless and Merry Christmas to all.


"Pay heed to the man who carries a single shot rifle, he likely knows how to use it."




Remember... Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. and the THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!
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..By all means, , closely examine any used arm you are thinking of buying. Also, before taking your gun for repair, check the reputation of the gunsmith you are taking your gun to.

My grandson more often than he really cares to, has to repair guns that have been modified or repaired by obvious incompetents.

Guns that seem to be in special jeopardy from these "Youtube gunsmiths" seem to be the ARs in their various iterations.

He had one that was not functioning properly, having just been 'repaired' by another smith. Checking it out, he found that somehow the unit had been forced together in such a way as to crack the lower housing.

Another was brought in where a 'gunsmith' had done a rechamber on the rifle. Somehow that 'craftsman' had managed to first bore the chamber out of concentricity with the bore of the barrel! Then he apparently tried to correct his mistake with JB Weld !

gpa did right; so long as it is possible, do the teardown right while the gun owner is present, so the gun owner can see it. That way he won't be blaming you later, for the broken part.


If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.. (Gen George S. Patton)

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This is great, super story a fine to hear of.
Merry Christmas.
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