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"Slide racking for fun and profit" hope this helps.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus
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At the risk of sounding like a Ruger cheerleader, I have a 22/45, a Mk3, and a Single Six. I also use a TC Contender a lot, but the Contender and Revolver don't fit in with your question, so going to ignore those, even though I use them all about equally. Between the 22/45 and the Mk3, the Mk3 shoots slightly better, but that's mostly due to being the 5.5" target model with adjustable sights while my 22/45 is the 4.5" threaded with fixed sights. Now I'm talking 1/2" larger groups with the 22/45 at 50 yards, so it is a VERY slight difference, and doesn't make any difference at all while hunting. I use the 22/45 suppressed, and it gets used for everything from squirrel to hogs, so a lot of use.

As to your having looked at the Browning Buckmark, a friend of mine uses one of those and it is also an excellent pistol. I prefer the way my Rugers fit my hand, but I can't swap barrels at will like he can, and that could be an important consideration for you. His Browning also shoots just as well as my Rugers do, and I have been tempted to pick one up. Still might if I can quit spending my money on revolvers.

I haven't had a chance to shoot a Victory, but shot a 22A years ago that was an excellent gun too. So all the rambling aside, if I was starting over, I would probably just buy whatever feels best in my hand. You've narrowed the field down to some excellent options, and I don't think you can really go wrong with any of the ones you're looking at.
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Pastorp, please don't entice bugeye to commit a crime. US law makes it illegal to sell to a non-resident of the state he resides in or to sell it to someone that is buying it for someone else. That seems to be just what you suggested. Have him transfer it to you through a dealer in your state of residence.

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I have a Buckmark Camper with a really good trigger that will shoot way better than me. Had it for years.

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If you have a 1911 .45 you can get a conversion kit for it. They make excellent .22 pistols. Sig used to make a 226 in .22 l.r. for way under the cost of a center fire 226.

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I always thought this only applied to FFLs. Not saying you’re wrong, but could you please provide a link or excerpt of this? I ask because I always understood it this way...

I can sell, give, loan to, etc anyone who is of age and I don’t have any reason to think is a felon or going to commit a crime with it. So I can sell you a gun where I live in TX, and you’re free to take it back to AR, and you’re free to sell it to whoever you want (same conditions apply). Since you and I met in TX in this hypothetical situation, ATF doesn’t get a say because the gun doesn’t cross State lines (they only get a say if I was to ship it to you across State lines— interstate commerce clause). You are then allowed to take it from anywhere it’s legal to possess to anywhere else it’s legal to possess, and what you do with it once you get there, as long as it’s legal, isn’t any of mine or ATFs concern.

Now if you and I met at an FFL, and I buy a gun and fill out the required paperwork, but the weapon is actually for you, then I have falsified documents and thereby broken the law. But this doesn’t apply to individual sales.

Please educate me if I am wrong, but please provide documentation, cause we’ve all been told too many things that just aren’t so, and I trust little to nothing where legalities are concerned unless it’s backed up with proof. Just seen that backfire on too many people in the past, and don’t want it happening to anyone of us.
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ATF website has a FAQ section on their website and gives answers to both these questions.
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Originally Posted by goodshot View Post
"Slide racking for fun and profit" hope this helps.
Racking the slide...20 years ago I had no problem racking any slide, but today, 20 years hence..it is a challenge, even with my Ruger and Glock, both .380s.

My grandson, the former Spec Ops Marine combat vet, showed me a little trick. He called it "Chinese style", or something like that.

So, what is the Chinese method? Well it's like this;
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Invert the pistol..rack the slide back..now, turn the pistol upright, before releasing the rack.. Always try to keep as much "skin contct" as possible on both the grip and the slide..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

It work for me !

In case that doesn't work for you, here are some more tips.

Here is

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Come quickly, Lord Jesus
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Well thos post started in 2018.
I had been seeing some pretty positive reviews on the Taurus TX22
I just put in a order for one.
For $219 I figured Id give one a try.
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