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Default Seecamp LWS 32 modifications...

One of the things I like best about my Beretta Tomcat is the tip up barrel. So very easy to clear the gun.


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Default Seecamp LWS 32 modifications...

You said it, Greg.
You can even unload a Beretta Tomcat with one hand by turning it upside down and opening the barrel into your palm.

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you are an idiot sir. do you believe that a g,i. - in the field should have to go through this procedure to clear his weapon? or- the primary question- regarding you question "what have you gained by removing the safety" obviously you never use a pistol for anything but target practice. what are you-(or someone else) going to do if you are in a life and death situation and you loose, or damage your magazine????? DIE. that is what you, or anyone else that thinks like you are going to do, with a weapon with a magazine safety. if you are correct-then why doesn't gun makers like Sig Sauer put a magazine safety on any of their weapons? or Smith & Wesson, or MOST of the other gum makers in the world. no one can make a fool proof weapon- i repeat- "no one can make a fool proof weapon" it is best to simply keep fools away from firearms- PERIOD!

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no one can manufacture a fool proof firearm. what is someone to do in a life and death situation if they loose or damage their magazine? better to simply keep fools away from firearms, PERIOD!
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Originally Posted by JohnClif View Post
If your modification allows the firing mechanism to be activated without the magazine being inserted into the gun, then you have just disabled the primary safety for this handgun. What are you really gaining for this?

The proper way to 'clear' a Seecamp is to withdraw the magazine, remove the cartridges from it, re-insert it into the pistol, and then cycle the slide to remove the round.

The gun is designed as it is because Seecamp wanted an easy way to render a DAO gun absolutey safe... remove the magazine and the gun cannot be fired. The firing mechanism still tries to work, but the slide/hammer is retarded from full movement. Anything that would restore full movement to the slide/hammer without the presence of the magazine eliminates this.

Your fix seems like a solution to a non-existent problem. Yes... it can be a hassle to unload a Seecamp. The quick way around this is to have a spare empty magazine at home that you can insert into the gun to clear the chamber. You can also just cycle the slide seven times and empty all of the rounds via the chamber/ejection port.

This pistol was not designed for ease of unloading. The design criteria included small size, ease of operation, no active (manually engaging/disengaging) safeties, and a foolproof and reliable means of quickly rendering the gun inoperable (removing the magazine). Your modification in no way adds to the gun's primary role as a compact and reliable self-defense pistol, and seriously detracts from its safety.

This is one 'improvement' I definitely will not even consider applying to my LWS 32. In fact, I consider it dangerous. If you ever sell your Seecamp and a future owner or user shoots himself or someone else accidentally with it you are in a world of hurt from a legal liability standpoint.
people like you are the necessity why words like "idiot" and "imbecile" were invented. the seecamp pistol was originally invented for law enforcement personnel as a back-up weapon.larry seecamp with all of his genius- was prone to try and protect "everyone" in the circle of firearm enthusiast.but a firearm is a deadly and unsafe invention in the first can invent a "fool proof" deadly weapon.this is a fact! fools and idiots should stay away from is impossible to protect a fool or an idiot from a dangerous device.let me describe a novel situation-- you are a "professional" a "LEO" LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. your primary weapon just jammed. you pull out your back-up weapon-(a seecamp) while walking at night with only your seecamp you loose your footing, stumble, and drop your back-up weapon. when you reach down to pick it up-the magazine has dropped out of it. you are unable to locate the only magazine that you have with you. now you are really up **** creek! this is why firearms like the colt 1911 pistol were not designed with magazine safeties!! you would probably not be able to defend your self with your seecamp without the magazine.or, what is your only magazine was damaged? there is a great difference between a duty weapon,or a back-up weapon- and a firearm designed as a training weapon for a first timer, that is not familiar with firearms. in such a case designing a training weapon with a magazine safety would be a great idea.but the line must be drawn when it comes to a duty or a soldiers weapon. magazine disconnectors were never designed to be installed on such weapons.
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Originally Posted by altooosoon View Post
people like you
People like the OP, who hasn't been seen in these parts for well over a decade, and thus are not only unlikely to even see this post but equally unlikely to be able to respond?

Oh and well done resurrecting an over 15-year old post so you could insult said (former) member and rant a bit. Well done indeed.

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