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Default Any favorite .380 conceal carry gun

I'm thinking a Smith and Wesson bodyguard is looking pretty nice...any one here have experience with any others that I should look at before making a final decision ..... Thanks for any input...
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Never owned one of the body guard .380s but have shot one and liked it fairly well. However I like my Ruger LCP Custom far better. The trigger on the body guard is pretty horrible tho I was able to stage it and shoot well enough to hit the target. The trigger on my LCP Custom is so much better but the standard LCP trigger isn't. I think the LCP II is almost as good as the Custom from what I hear.

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My brother got a Body guard a few months before he passed (didn't know at that time). It's trigger pull was stiff and he couldn't pull it, but I seem to remember that it shot fairly well.
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My favorite is the Kimber micro 380. Its a 1911 style pistol. Thin like the old colt government model 380s. Fits in a pocket without bulging. And their accurate. Has good sights as well.


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You have really good taste !
I have been partial to the 1911 style since I got my Hubley 1911 cap pistol!

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I had an LCP and liked it a lot. The (heavy) trigger didn't bother me all that much but like GB said, the Custom model of that gun is just about perfect.

I gave that pistol to a widder woman friend of ours when she was over visiting one evening. She is a real estate agent and the conversation got around to self protection since she meets strangers in isolated locations. She used to shoot a lot with her husband and me before he died so after a basic familiarization I wasn't worried about her ability to handle it safely.

I replaced the LCP with a Bodyguard. It's a fine, accurate weapon, hi-ebber, and day is always a hi-ebber, it suffers from an occasional light primer strike. Hi-ebber again, the Bodyguard is a true double action which allows me to cycle the hammer with a second pull of the trigger; a feature the LCP does not have. A second pull of the trigger has never failed to ignite the primer. This light strike fault is well known and appears in many reviews of the Bodyguard.

Normally for me, this flaw would exclude the weapon from daily carry. But the FTF's have grown less and less frequent with use and I find the little gun is in my pocket whenever I leave the house.

All that said, if I were to do it all over again I'd get an LCP Custom or even another LCP. BTW, the LCP is the best deal going since you can get one for around $175 +/- from PSA. I would not get an LCP II as I can't make myself trust striker fired pistols. I know this an irrational prejudice, but it's just the way I feel.

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I like my LCP II. The trigger is what sold me on it when they first came out. I had a couple failure to feeds but I polished the feed ramp and never had another. The sights are better than the LCP but still a little hard to see. I think it shoots well at 20 yards and under just my .02

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JMHO- (and it'll surely p.o. a few ) but i don't
figure sights as a consideration on a "belly gun".
they really aren't meant for any serious target
work, but meant for in-your-face and i-can-smell-
your-stinking-meth-breath ranges, in other words
hip shooting and point shooting ranges, maybe
point blank to 5 yards or so.

lots of practice is called for

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Ranger, I can't disagree with you as that's how I see it too. I do like to aim a little when the perp is a mean red squirrel at 15 yards. These little buggers chew up my cabin.

I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.

― John Wayne "The Shootist"
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The one I enjoy and carry the most, actually the only one I now own, is the Walther Pk380. Ergonomics, sights, trigger, even the magazine release are more than satisfactory. The older PP line-up always gave me hammer bite or left skid marks on the web of my thumb. The Pk is one I can shoot all day without complaint.
Belly guns are where I carry them. If it is so close that the best I can get off is unsighted gut or chest shots then so be it. I would prefer to keep the distances to a lot more than 'I can smell your stinking breath', which is why I really like the sights on that Pk. JMO
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