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Default A real case of defense shooting.

In May of 1972, I was home on leave from the army, and I got together with some friends and went out for a few beers. We were sitting in Gaffney's Irish Bar on the corner of 14th street and Colorado in D.C.'s North East. Not a good neighborhood. Okay, a bad neighborhood.

Anyways, we're sitting at a table by the window drinking and catching up, and the tables end on to the wall by a window. I see my bud Danny on the other side of the table, staring out the window very intently at something and I ask him whats so interesting. He says 'These two guys are gonna get into it." and I lean over so I can see out from his angle, and sure enough heres two guys out on the sidewalk really having a very VERY heated argument over something. The taller guy waves his hand like a "the **** with you" kind thing and started to turn away, but the slightly shorter guy grabs his arm and spins him back around like "I ain't done with you yet" kind of thing. So the guy that got grabbed shoves the other guy away and again goes to leave. The shorter guy goes and grabs something in his jacket pocket and comes up with a strait razor.

The other guy was grabbing for something soon as the other guy went for the razor in his pocket, and comes up with a gun from his jacket pocket. Now in D.C. the streets at that time, were flooded with German made Rohm RG .22 revolvers, Galliesi .25 autos, and small derringers like the Cobra and such sink framed cheapies. In this case the guy had a RG .22. Unmistakable outline with that pencil skinny barrel and shark fin front sight. Theres this fast pop, pop, pop of three .22 rounds going off.

The strait razor guy staggers back clutching his chest and dropping the razor, falls over backwards and thrashes around on the pavement for a bit, coughing up a bloody foam, convulsing, and then passing out. He's down and out. Shooter runs off.

The waitress and some other people are looking out the windows and one guy says, "He's done." The waitress asks if we want another pitcher. The police get there, then the EMT guys, and its all flashing lights and chaos. The EMT's put the victim on a gurney and pull the sheet up over his his face. The bar guy was right, he was done. Cops come in and ask if anyone knows the shooter, what did he look like and so on. He sure didn't hang around.

Three quick shots and the razor guy was dead right there on the pavement. Done. Finis. Screwed blued and tattoo'ed. A little 29.95 RG .22 like Hinckley used on Reagan, and the others. Three rounds right in the chest stopped the strait razor guy cold.

A couple lessons there. One, don't pull a knife if you don't know for a fact that the other guy doesn't have a gun. Bad decision. The other lesson is, bullets, even small ones going through the chest wall, is a very bad thing. Your heart and lungs won't care what diameter they are. And at very close range it won't matter how good he is, at little more than arms length, he won't miss.

I've seen a few shootings in my life, and I've never seen anyone, hit in the body with a .22, doing the Walter Houston jig because it didn't hurt. In all three cases I saw, all involving cheap .22 revolvers, they all were down and either dead, or needing a really good shock trauma ER VERY badly.

It seems like any working firearm will do if the shooter knows the gun. And multiple shots seem to work in spite of small boolits.

I don't bother reading gun magazines or watching the so called youtube experts with the videos of ballistic gel blocks showing how much the wonder gun of the month penetrates. They are self serving, self promoting purveyors of Bull Hockey that want to get your money into their wallets. They charge good money for training that will get you killed because they've never been in a single shooting or even seen real violence up close, and they have no idea of what really happens on the street.

According to experts, the bumble bee can't fly.

Don't over do it, just enough will do.
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yup I learned my lesson when I shot my 25 acp berretta at 3/8s plywood at 10 steps with gold dots and every shot left a hole in the wood. Don't own a jacket or shirt that tough and sure don't hold my hope for a bit of fat and bone. I too chuckle at the internet know it alls that will tell you those little guns bounce off people or you might as well throw the gun. Yup you have to use that super tactical plastic tipped mall ninja ammo or your going to die!!! Just look for the camo box!!!!!

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