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Originally Posted by D Fischer View Post
How many bullet's is enough? Atually one 22LR expertly placed will stop the largest villain. Of course prudence being the better part of valor, I carry 8 rounds of 124gr 9mm in a S&W Shield! :-) Oh, and one extra loaded magazine!
That probably will work in town. We had to put down a bear awhile ago and yes the game warden was told about it. I wouldn't want to go against that without something that's going to do the job. Or at least you really hope it does. We have critter problems more than people but some people that do bad things think out here is a good place to hide out. Awhile ago we had the federal marshals running around like chickens with their hands cut off because they didn't realize that as soon as they hit dirt road about every body knew they were here. We may be spread out and don't even see each other much but seems everyone knows fast if a stranger is around. We have bears mountain lions and bobcats. The rattlers don't bother you much. Myself I don't like the really big spiders when they decide to go for a walk. They all go at the same time.

I love muzzle loader hunting and bow hunting.
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To the old man , I agree make them all take a test. Then they will probably just ban testing. In England awhile ago they tried to ban pint glasses lol. It didn't go over well.

I love muzzle loader hunting and bow hunting.
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I've carried everything between a 5 shot J frame (with reload) to 17 round Glock. I now carry a 7+1 Shield with a reload as my primary EDC.
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When I first got my CC it was in upstate NY and signed off by a Police Chief that was friend of family which some may think that is an inside plus but in his case he was an old school worked up through the ranks type of guy. He was very demanding and unforgiving for anything with a firearm. He met with me to give me the CC and gave me some advice that I have taken to heart for the last 45+ years.

He told me "You are not in law enforcement nor are you in the military. You will not likely have a second chance if you ever have to pull your weapon to defend yourself. Buy enough gun so it is one and done. If it goes more than one shot you will be in serious jeopardy of losing your life."

So my first revolver was a Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag which he promptly told me the barrel will scare the crap out of them first. I've slimmed down my carry over the years to now a SW 696+ 7 shot .357 Mag with Hornady 135 gr Critical Duty ammo. I would prefer carrying 180 gr Partitions but you do have to consider pass through potential from the 180 gr. Partitions or even 180 gr. Swift A-Frames. I feel very confident this load will stop any attacker and even allow followup if needed while they are recovering from first hit.

The .357 Mag also gives you the ability to engage targets per shot instead of concerning yourself with double-tap to be sure with lighter rounds.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety." Ben Franklin
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Originally Posted by purebred View Post
Not trying to bring up the old argument of which gun is better or best size ammo for defense. Just asking what most people consider when talking how much ammo they think is enough in a loaded gun. I have carried everything from a 2 round derringer to multiple round Glocks and every thing in between. My current carry is a 5 round revolver. If I could get a 6 round light revolver I'd probably try it also. I bought a 6 round Taurus that is pretty light but when it comes to my life a S&W, Colt or ? Just seems better suited. I am not asking the question about semi auto versus revolvers. Just seeing what others think is enough is enough.
Going back to the original post, it all really depends on who you are, where you are, what you are, and what you do in your lifestyle.

I gather most of you on this forum are rural types, grew up hunting and in nature. Your choice may carry from one that grew up in inner city ghetto, back alleys, and never hunted. A country dweller may choose a totally different gun than an urban dweller. A young guy will choose a different gun than an old guy. A LEO or former LEO will choose a totally different gun than some working Joe who never wore a badge.

Answer to the OP is really, it all depends...

Don't over do it, just enough will do.
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I never felt undergunned when carrying my 5 shot Sp101 because I had confidence in my ability to shoot it. I never got that from my Glock 43x. It was a compromise at best and CC is no place to compromise ability to hit where you're aiming.

I feel real confident with my 1911 Commander 45 but a lighter version in 38 Super might be in the works. I'm looking.

The Old Man; My son has a Sig 365 and they shoot like a much bigger gun. He has only ever beat me twice when spinning plates. Both times were recently and he was using that 365 both times. I told him that he had best keep that gun!
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Like you gpa I have come to trust my ability with my 5 shot revolver. I think if situation ever called for more I doubt having more than five would help me anyway.
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They had an interesting case on the news here about a year ago. It was just down the road in Austin, a young lady was returing home from work in the evening. It was just getting dark and as she was unlocking her front door of the townhouse, she saw a African American man running up her walk at her. She gets the door open and dives in her house with the guy in close pursuit. She grabs a gun from the drawer of the table by the door and shoots him once in the face. Drops him on the slop.

The news crew did a good job of interviewing her at her home, and she showed the gun she used. Held out on the palm of her hand, it was unmistakable. A nice little Smith and Wesson 642. The little hammerless J frame 5 shot.

One round did the trick. Attacker survived to go to jail. His face didn't look too good afterward.

The trusty revolver is still an extremely viable self defense gun.

Don't over do it, just enough will do.
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I have a Lady Friend, Bought one of Rugers little .380's, She Limp Wrists It, and It Jams EVERY Time...
One Shot is all She is ever gonna have...IMNHO, a Revolver is still and always be the best Choice!
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I've had police officers on the range limp wrist, and lose grip an automatic and cause a ftf.
Under stress, more so.

When you lay a pistol (revolver or auto), the grip pattern should be imprinted into your hands, and fingers. JMO.

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty
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