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Originally Posted by Dee View Post
I've had police officers on the range limp wrist, and lose grip an automatic and cause a ftf.
Under stress, more so.

When you lay a pistol (revolver or auto), the grip pattern should be imprinted into your hands, and fingers. JMO.
This is why I have most strongly preferred a Smith and Wesson revolver for all my uses. Plinking, informal target shooting, self defense. In 51 years of handgun shooting, I've yet to have a failure to feed, failure to eject, or magazine problems with a revolver.

But my most favorite thing is, a model 60 with a Tyler T-grip feels just like a model 63 with a T-grip. A model 18 outfitted the same feels just like a model 15. A Ruger LCR in .22 feels just like the Ruger LCR in .38spec.

Theres a heck of a lot to be said for all your guns feeling the same.

Don't over do it, just enough will do.
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When I was running a sport shop years ago I carried a 44 special bulldog and figured it was enough. Living off grid with some big critters around I carry a GP 100 with 6 inch barrel in 357 . I figure it will do about as good as can be. Trying to have something that will work for big and small.

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I think this thread is slowly slipping to which gun is best or my gun is bigger, my intent was to see how many bullets people think they need regardless if it's a 22 or 44. I personally think 5 is enough. I used to think 2 was enough but have sense changed my way of thinking.
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No one knows how many are "enough". One might be plenty, but 100 might not be enough. If you knew the circumstances ahead of time you could make a reasonable guess on how many might be enough - but that's something we don't know ahead of time (or at least rarely know it).

Think of it as putting gas in your car. If you don't know where you're going how much is enough? If you find you've reached your destination after 10 miles then a gallon was likely enough. If it turns out your destination was 1000 miles away then a full tank probably wasn't enough.

I try to base my ammo count on where I'm going. If I'm walking out to the mailbox a 2 shot derringer would probably be more than adequate (where I live), but if I'm going to Walmart a hundred rounds may not be enough (these days!)! :-)
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I think the truth to all questions like this is that we will not know till we have to use it! Myself, I'm looking to avoid those situations or if I get into one, the easiest way out! I am no hero and we haven't a clue of circumstances till it happens. I carry my Shield c9mm with 8 rd mag and one extra 8 rd mag. I suspect that's more than enough. Probably if more is needed it's not a self defense situation but rather dealing with an assault situation! In that case I'd rather have my P89 with it's 16 rd magazine and carry two extra mags. But we just don't know till it happens.
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Living in and around Richmond VA I have seen and had to many opportunities to be involved in gun trouble. Two home invasions and several on the street . One road rage and one mugging. In each case no shots were fired . Having a gun ended the problem . All attacks ended with bad guy leaving. Several we're armed . Most bad guys seem to not want to get shot and break off. So how many rounds on board is a guess at best. Consider you face five guys they draw you draw the shooting starts. Do you think you have time to take out five guys shooting at you before they hit you ? Maybe maybe not. But I would think the rounds that count would be the ones you have been sending down range in practice. The best gun is the one you will carry and can hit with out thinking . Like GB pointed out don't go places that could lead to a gun fight .
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Sig 45 with two mags.
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