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Default .243 or .25-06

:cb2: Getting closer to getting that Ruger #1. I was thinking about the .243. I would be using it for varmints, predators and deer┬Śnothing bigger. However, I was looking a ballistic charts, etc., and I was wondering about the .25-06. Don't know anyone who has one. Can any .25-06 fans tell me what they like/dislike about this round?


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Default .243 or .25-06

Old Griz You are looking at a couple of very good cartriges there. Having used both I see the 25/06 as a more versitle round. I have had three of them including the Ruger #1. Both are suitable as varmit rounds however the 25/06 will be an effective round a greater range. The biggest difference will probably be in the use as a deer rifle. Again either will kill when shots are placed properly but the 06 can be counted on to deliver at a greater distance.
I have the 25/06 in a Browning B-78. Its a long range flat shooting rifle which I consider near ideal for pronghorn or blacktail in large clearcuts here on Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska. I`m sure some others will be here with a lot of good advise as well. Best of luck. POW
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Default .243 or .25-06

Old Griz,

While both the .243 and the .25-06 are great cartridges the most versatile of the two is the .25-06. I have two rifles chambered for the .243 Win. and three for the .25-06(including a Ruger No. 1) and the .25-06 is the much better choice for all around use. The .243 is a bit light for serious deer hunting. You will be much better served with the .25-06. Lawdog

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Default .243 or .25-06

Old Griz
I have used the 243 and 25-06 both for deer and the 243 didn't impress me. I had a #1 in 6mm and another in 257 Roberts and they both impressed me. The 6mm would easily push a 100 gr to 3150 and the Roberts was about the same. I used a 100 gr Barnes out of the Roberts on a running doe and she just collapsed with skid marks. Longest shot I ever made was with a 25-06. Guess I'm a 25 caliber fan, presently have a couple of 250 Savages, 250 Ackley, 257 Roberts, 257 Ackley and a 25-06. I vote for the 25-06 of the calibers you mentioned , otherwise if you are a reloader a Roberts.

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Default .243 or .25-06

Old Griz.
The ruger #1 is available in .257 weatherby. Have you considered that round? Its a little pricey to shoot but I think its a superior round over the .243 or 25-06.

.243 3100fps w\a 200 yd zero. -38 inches @ 500 yds
.257 weatherby 3800 fps w\a 300 yd zero -19 inches @ 500
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Default .243 or .25-06

My vote goes to the 25-06.
Better for deer sized critters and can be loaded down if you want for plinker stuff. I is also a good varmint round with lighter bullets. It wont kick the snot out of you every time you pull the trigger and factory ammo is available about everywhere if you need it.
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Default .243 or .25-06

I'm not sure if they chamber for it yet but that 25 WSSM sure looks like it is hard to beat. Looks like performance of the 25-06 while burning less powder and less recoil. Might just be more accurate too. Good article in this month's "Rifle Shooter" magazine. Worth a look.

I shoot NEF's and their 25-06 has a 26" barrel. Not a problem since the rifle is still very short but I wonder if the 25 WSSM needs that long of a barrel?

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Default .243 or .25-06

Hi there. I have a #1 in .25-06 and love it. There really isn't to much to chose from between the two, but the .25 has heavier bullets available, if you want to load them.

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Default .243 or .25-06

The Ruger #1 is available in .257 weatherby. Have you considered that round? Its a little pricey to shoot but I think its a superior round over the .243 or 25-06.
I have a custom No.1 in .257 Weatherby, and it is a fine round. But it is a specialized cartridge, not as quite as versatile as the .25-06. It heats up the barrel a lot faster so is less suited for some types of varminting, and it is more cartridge than needed for deer under 200 yards. It is not a lot more expensive to reload than the smaller case, just uses about 20% more powder. It does not respond to down-loading as well as my .25-06 did.

I love my No.1 and my Accumark in .257 Weatherby, but I use a .250/3000 with 115s for close deer hunting if I want to use a .25. Like others, I've had marginal experiences on big game with the .243 and the 6mm Rem ( both give identical practical performance in factory ammo ) and reserve mine for varmints. Perhaps some premium bullets would help with big game, but I have my .25s so I don't really care. :shock:
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Default .243 or .25-06

I've shot deer with both the .243 and the .25-06. The first is good and the second is great. In California, the .243 is fine for dear, but when you get outside this state, the .243 goes marginal. The .25-06 drops them where they stand.

I've shot two antelope in CA. The 7mm Mag. broke both shoulders and the animal ran 60-70 yards. The second was with my 25-06 and the bullet entered about an inch behind the shoulder at about the same distance. The animal dropped like gravity had been reinvented where it stood.

I've not hunted with the .257 Weatherby, but I know the 25-06 pushes the powder capacity to bore diameter ratio and the Weatherby has got to be way beyond.

My newest .25 caliber is the .257 Roberts Improved, and its as good as the .25-06, but that requires alot more work.

You really can't go wrong in either choice. You can always load the .25-06 down to the .243 but you can't load the .243 to the .25-06.

Shoot safely.....shoot tomorrow.
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