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Twingrls5 05-06-2019 08:41 AM

T/C worth the money?
The Encore and Contender are flexible but you really shoot one caliber/rifle at the time, while some CVA rifles cost about the price of an T/C barrel but you own a separate rifle to gear an extra shooter. T/Cs custom barrels, MGM etc, cost as much as an entry level scoped bolt rifle like the Ruger American.
I own the above brands,no accuracy concern on either for my type of shooting (bow range to 200 yards deer-sized game).
Is a T/C set really worth the money for practical use?

pastorp 05-06-2019 10:25 PM

It is to those that buy them, but maybe not to you.....

dannyd 05-06-2019 11:03 PM

Shot about 40,000 rounds in 30 years out my TC's. That being said the original TC's were great the new ones by Smith & Wesson maybe not to great. Depends on what your looking for. Back in day loved to watch guys face when we hit targets out to 200 yards with 10 barrels.

DEACONLLB 05-06-2019 11:30 PM

Well from one who has owned lots of Them I would say if you were to buy a Encore with rifle stock set and a set of pistol grip set and then maybe about 10 barrel some pistol some rifle in your favorite cal. might be ok but then after a while you get tired of going through the changing barrels then you start to pick up frames stock set next thing you know have a lot of money tied up in each gun and like you say you have more tied up in one than a good used bolt gun or auto. But then there is the bragging rights of being able to say I have x number of frames and stock sets and barrels So in the end what you may not have learned is this THEY ARE HABBIT FORMING hard to break the habit I did break it well almost I still have a G2 with a 7x30 waters rifle barrel and a 23 in vent rib 410 barrel any way I am doing ok as long as a member does not up and offer a barrel at great price did I mention I still have a 209x50 encore barrel now if some one would up and offer a encore frame and stock set at a great price see what I mean they are habit forming. But the H and R are also habit forming ask those who own a dozen or more


oldandslow 05-08-2019 01:38 PM

To me they are. I look at it as buy what float your boat. TC floats mine about as well as any other option. Barrel changes take mere minutes.

dannyd 05-08-2019 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by oldandslow (Post 2055887946)
To me they are. I look at it as buy what float your boat. TC floats mine about as well as any other option. Barrel changes take mere minutes.

Got a 38 Special MGM barrel I shot every Saturday :)

flynmoose 05-08-2019 08:33 PM

A friend calls my T/Cs Erector set guns, that is OK with me. This is similar to a Ford and Chev discussion, whatever floats your boat... Personally I am glad to have the freedom of choice.

Mule 11 05-08-2019 09:25 PM

I love the Thompson Center platform. If you can shoot a bow 200 yds and take a deer? Enough said...

teamnelson 05-09-2019 12:19 AM

If your goal is deer from bow range to 200 yds; nope, not worth it. That's a cheap problem to solve.

If your goal is to own an aesthetically pleasing single shot, with an excellent trigger, that can shoot rimfire or centerfire with a barrel swap and the twist of a lever, while weighing less than a cheap bolt gun, shorter, balances well, let's you have iron sight and an optic at the same time, and in fun calibers like 6.5x30-30AI ... its a bargain.

pdkfishing 05-09-2019 07:03 AM

+ 1 with pretty much all the replies. It depends on what you like, and there is something to be said for having the freedom of choice. Deaconllb is absolutely right; the switch-barrel guns are habit-forming. Don't own an Encore or Contender, but do have a few TCRs and Handis. More than I need? Yep. As many as I want? Nope.

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