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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...Does it exist? WH

I have a memory of a rifle a buddy of my dad's had. It was a "Squirrel Special" , that was the name of the rifle not a nickname. It was built like a Remington BDL but was extremely light and it loaded through a slot in the stock just behingd the grip. With the wide angle Burris scope he had on top of it, it seemed like a great gun to carry into the squirrel woods. I alway wanted one. Does anyone know who manufactures it? Or if there is even a gun by that name?

When in doubt look to the Lord.

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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...

do you mean Chipmonk? POW
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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...

I believe the "Chipmonk" was clip fed - the "Squirrel Special" was tubular mag.???



Hodgdon, Lyman, Speer, Sierra, Hornady = reliable resources
so and so's pages on the internet = not reliable resources
Alway check loads you find on the internet against manuals.
NEVER exceed maximum listed loads.
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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...

the chipmunk was and still is a single shot. The woodchucker was RSR special made by anshuts and is mag fed boys rifle. The squirrel special could be just a store brand name like ted willams,tree brand or long range super pooper shooter.
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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...

In your subject line, you state that it was a single shot. Are you sure about this? I've never seen a single shot that loaded from a slot in the stock. The rifle that comes to mind is the Browing .22 auto, that loads from the side of the butt stock. It was small and light and had bottom ejection.
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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...


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Default My ideal single-shot small game rifle shoots .32 S&W Lon

A few years ago I lucked into a tiny pre-war H&R .410 single-barrel shotgun in a trade. I really didn’t have much use for the .410 shotgun, but saw that the tiny H&R was well made, had a much smaller action than current production and it was obvious that the makings of an “American Rook Rifle” lurked in there.

I had John Taylor, of Taylor Machine (3625 Cheney Spangle Rd. Spangle, WA 99031) make an extra rifle barrel for it, so that I had my .32 break-open small game gun, without having to reline or cobble up the original .410 barrel. With the 26” rifle barrel chambered for the .32 S&W Long installed it weighs 5 pounds, 4 ozs.

Factory 98-gr. LRN loads are very quiet, like standard velocity .22 LR and provide 2-inch groups at 50 yards with iron sights. Flat-nosed .32 revolver bullets in suitable handloads are much more effective on small game and wild turkey than any .22 rimfire, but destroy less edible meat than a .22 Long Rifle HP or .22 WMR.

My favorite “.32 Long Rifle” loads use the Saeco #322, 120-gr. LFN .32-20 Winchester bullet. I load these as-cast, of wheel weights, unsized, tumble lubed with Lee Liquid Alox with the bullet seated out and crimped in the lube groove. This provides the same overall cartridge length in a .32 S&W Long case that would be obtained by crimping the same bullet in the crimp groove of a .32 H&R Magnum case. The exposed, unsized driving band fits snugly in revolver chambers and also engraved slightly when chambered in the rifle chamber, enabling zero jump, for best accuracy.

The minimum powder charge which safely enables the bullet to reliably exit the 26” rifle barrel every time is 1.2 grains of Bullseye. This is a "silent but deadly" 450 f.p.s. BLOOP load, with an almost silent report, measured at only 72dB at 1 meter from the rifle muzzle. This “CB cap on steroids” is accurate to 25 yards. When loaded with 1.8 grains of Bullseye it provides 850 f.p.s. in the rifle, 720 f.p.s. in my 4” S&W Model 31 and is accurate to 50 yards or more.

This is a full power revolver load for the .32 S&W Long at the modest SAAMI pressures. When the Saeco #322 is seated out to the longer overall cartridge length I have gone as high as 2.5 grains of Bullseye. This gives about 800 f.p.s. in my 4” S&W Model 31 and Ruger 4-5/8” Single Six, and about 950 f.p.s. in the 26” rifle.

The heavier FN bullet is far more effective than the usual 98-gr. LRN factory stuff, and still has a mild report, measured at 85dB, which compares to the “pop” of high velocity .22 LR fired from a typical sporting rifle and far more quiet than the 90+dB of a .22 WMR or Hornet.

A heavy load which approximates the .32 H&R Magnum or .32-20 for use in well made, modern post-war solid frame revolvers only, such as the post-war S&W Model 31, Ruger SP101 or Single Six or any other revolvers chambered for the .32 H&R Magnum uses Federal 200 small rifle and either 6.0 grains of Alliant #2400 or 7 grs. Of either IMR or Hodgdon 4227 with the Saeco #322 bullet. These exceed SAAMI pressures for the .32 S&W Long, but are safe in the Ruger revolvers and post-war .32 solid frames, giving about 900 f.p.s. from a 4" revolver and 1200 f.p.s. the .32 S&W Long rifle.

For rifle use only, my most accurate load with the Saeco #322 uses 8 grains of H4198, compressed, using the Federal 200 small rifle primer, seated out and heavily crimped into the lube groove. This is subsonic, barely over 1000 f.p.s., relatively quiet in the 80dB range, and drives 50-yard “bugholes” although it is not dual-purpose in either rifle or revolver.

If you decide to build one of these “American Rook Rifles” the chamber body dimensions should be minimum SAAMI, but you want a rifle-style throat with .314" diameter forcing cone entrance and 3 degree included angle origin of rifling. Rifling specs should approximate the .32-20, .300 bore x .310 groove, with 16" twist, but if you have a slow twist .30 cal. rifle barrel, such as 12” or 14” twist per turn, this will also work just fine.

In Home Mix We Trust
From the Home of Ed's Red
73 de KE4SKY
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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...


What sights are on your rook rifle? Could you post a picture of it?

I read a post of yours about it awhile ago and was very interested. I just saw a small frame H&R .410 for $100.00, the really interesting thing was that it was marked .410/.44CAL. I thought about getting it to play with .44 cal. black powder shot loads. Like little brass shot shells, but as I looked it over I saw a dark ring in the barrel about 8 inches in front of the chamber that I didn't like the looks of, it also looked bulged on the outside.
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Default "Squirrel Special" single shot...

Always wanted one of those rook caliber rifles. RIght now though my Savage 24V and my NEF, both with 22 Hornet barrels, serve me quite nicely. I use a load I found in Barnes COTW listed for the old Winchester 22 WCF, the forerunner of the Hornet; which is basically the same case. The load consists of 4.0 grains of Unique/45 gr speer spitzer/Black Hills cases/ Rem 6 1/2 primers. Barnes lists that load at 1500 fps/226 FPE. In either of my rifles, it shoots 1/4" low at 25 yds, dead on at 50 yds, and dead on again at 100 yds. Convenient. between 50 and 100 it rises about an inch at 75. Groups(either rifle) are at 1/2 inch at 50,and 1" at 100. Usually the NEF is set up with that load, and the 24V with my turkey load, however the 24 is one of my favourite rifles, so it gets used for squirrel duty also. Expansion of the nonn-hornet designed speers is about like a big game bullet, so damage is minimal.
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Default Sights On Modified H&R .410 "American Rook Rifle&qu

My rifle has the XS Systems Ghost Ring peep sight and a Marbles 1/16" gold bead. It is also drilled and tapped for Unertl scope blocks and I sometimes use an old 6X, straight-tube small game scope on it for load testing.

In Home Mix We Trust
From the Home of Ed's Red
73 de KE4SKY
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