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Default 7mm/08 brass

Can 7mm-08 brass be made out of 6.5 creedmoor brass? And what has to be done beside running it through the die
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I'd rather neck-down .308Win brass than stretch (and make thinner) the neck of Creedmoor brass. I'm no metallurgist, but I'd think that stretching brass would weaken it as opposed to just compressing it. I'd think you'd also have to at least full-length resize and trim to finished length after any reshaping. I think annealing would be a good step to take after all the work of moving the brass around is completed.

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Creedmoore is 308 Marlin. IINM its shorter.

So would have cases with short necks. That would likely work in a pinch. But maybe you could just sell the 6.5 and buy what you need.


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Originally Posted by Mag Man View Post
Can 7mm-08 brass be made out of 6.5 creedmoor brass? And what has to be done beside running it through the die

The Creedmoor brass is shaped differently. It has a straighter case and sharper shoulder than the 7mm-08. The 7mm-08 has the similar profile as the .308/.260rem/.243. It is much easier to reform those to another similar case.

That being said, I have never tried it, so can't say for sure if it would work or not. I did try converting .308 to 7mm-08 and ended with the neck case walls being too thick in my gun and need to be turned, so I pulled them and just ordered the 7mm-08 brass. As for .260 Remington, I couldn't find brass when I built my gun so I up neck sized some .243 and use it for my .260 Remington.

I always anneal the brass when converting it from one neck size to another. Haven't had any neck splitting issues as a result.


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I've necked down .308 to 7-08. Cases are a tiny bit short but work and the sizing is quite simple.
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you could probably swap that creedmore brass 3 for one for 308s and a simple pass through your 708 dies and your there. No fire forming trimming ect

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I always made 243, 7mm-08 and even 358 Winchester brass from surplus Lake City military brass. When necking down to 243 neck turning and uniforming is a needed step. I never have had to do anything when necking down to 7mm-08. When necking up to 358 I used Imperial lube and made it a two step process. The first step I ran a 338 neck expanding plug lubed with Imperial lube down the neck and then did the same with the 358 full length sizing die.

I only used these incorrect head stamped brass for my own use. Any time that I sold a gun and furnished some ammo with that gun or just gave ammo away it always had the correct head stamped commercial brass.

For what it's worth I know a couple of long range match shooters who won't use anything but Lake City brass because it is very uniform case to case and lot to lot. Lake City brass will come with a crimped in primer so the primer holes will have to have the crimp removed before inserting a new primer. I have a tool for that purpose but often just use my RCBS neck chamfering tool. A couple of twists and its gone.

I absolutely wouldn't mess with trying to make 7mm-08 brass from 6.5 Creedmore brass.

In my opinion the 6.5 Creedmore was more marketing hype than anything and never will be able to accomplish what the 7mm-08 will do....or 308 for that matter.
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