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Originally Posted by Bad Mike View Post
IG: in the last 5 years we have had a turnover in Sheriffs and yes, that is old news but not necessarily current. I'm not holding my breath. Some of these Sheriffs are little more than political Ho's, Albany County being one in particular.
Perhaps there hav ebeen some changes in sheriffs, but if you know NY State, th e voters in the state remain rather static..(cities liberal, outside the cities, conservative}, so the people's choices are unlikely to change.

None the less: "mass shootings involve white males under 25 with histories of mental illness"...Why then are guns blamed when perhaps we may question what kind of mind-bending drugs they were on? Why don't the lefties ask this question? Lefties will never ask that question but why don't we scream - how could you let mentally ill people get guns. It's not the gun, it's the mentally ill who would use them. How do you plan to control the mentally ill?? Let them answer that.

I hav eto guess at why the lefties don't consider the people on drugs..but my guess is they don't care about the drug issue..since it is they who are pushing to legalize various mind-bending drugs. They will not listen to any blame other than the gun..those evil guns which come out of the locker by themselves, and shoot people.

"not caring about women's safety".. I guess we honest gun owners are a bit different than the far left, in that we are concerned with EVERYONE'S safety. Does anyone ever bother saying that or do we just bury our heads in holes and wait for it to blow over. Why don't we ask instead - why aren't women armed in their own defense? What are they, second class citizens who are not allowed to defend themselves or denied the means to do so? Why are you preventing women from obtaining the necessary means to adequately defend themselves? What do you have against women that you won't allow them to defend themselves? How can mothers defend their children against murderous aggression? Does anyone ever ask that or put that question to public political forums? Doubt it.
As I said, we care for the safety of everybody... of course, we say that all the time..but the media are for the most part, the re-election committee wing of the Democrat party ! Don't ask me why women are not armed, I have trained women and signed as a character witness for their permits. ..And my handguns are dual-registered on my daughter-in=law's permit.

"any background check anyone could devise". I hope you are not suggesting that we acquiesce to such a thing! Better than 300,000 times last year background checks denied possession. Are you saying that we should just forget some sort of quality control here. For every sick ticket out there who just wants to kill someone or something we, all of us, get lumped into the same pile of crap and you don't want some control over that? No, I do not take responsibility for the actions of the obviously insane but either we control our own or we will lose it.
No, I never said I wanted NO permits for handguns, but surely things have gone far enough. If you want the mentally ill to be watched more closely, you better get busy and drive the democrats to undo the HIPA laws. As of now, the law says a professional cannot reveal anything about the patient ! .
"Control our own"? How do you propose to do that? What kind of 'control' are you seeking over your neighbor?

The 'perceptions' many ill-informed people have are wrong, drip-fed into their minds by a crooked "fake news". The best thing we can do is to relieve them of their false perceptions. And how do you propose we do that? None of us seem willing to stand up in front of a crowd, group or community meeting and challenge leftist speakers to prove their points or to the community at large for alternatives. No, we just hide and complain.

I have included this in my annual Memorial Day speech ..I believe it was two years ago. However, talking about firearms freedom in my neck of the woods is tantamount to "preaching to the choir" or "carrying coal to Newcastle" ! Another way is to contribute to NRA or any other gun rights group, which is actively pursuing those rights, that's what I do.

teamnelson: you said: Sadly, no, I would not pass just any background check since the criterion is political in nature, and we have seen under DHS that progressive politics considers me suspect BECAUSE I am a veteran, a combat veteran, a wounded combat veteran, a Christian, a male, a heterosexual, my kids were homeschooled, and my shade of melanin is not in a protected spectrum. According to progressive politics, all of that causes them great concern - they have gone so far as to suggest that simply being a veteran causes mental illness. And my gun ownership and bible use is tied to bitterness ... suppressed rage and fear. Uh buddy, there is no federal policy to this effect at all. Progressive politics considers, and that's as far as it goes. It is just consideration by leftists, there is absolutely no federal policy here involved at all. If you take your children to a hospital for treatment and some fat social worker questions you about gun ownership and says it's federal policy that she ask you that then demand to see the federal law or policy - it does not exist, period. Any questions about that are based solely on insurance company thoughts or individual hospital policy, there is absolutely no federal policy to that effect and you do not have to answer any question like that at all.

they have gone so far as to suggest that simply being a veteran causes mental illness. Yep, sure have but what happened to that - they wound up eating a mouthful of their own crap and that never went anywhere. You can not confuse some politician's 'considerations' with any federal policy. What you have spoken to smacks of such discrimination by the federal government that it is untenable, which is why no such federal policy exists. Of course it was one of those greasy leftist commie faggots, probably who probably entered this country illegally and spouts heresy and never uses birth control so his or her children will forever be supported by a free society who suggested it, but THERE IS NO SUCH FEDERAL POLICY OR LAW, PERIOD.

More people die from gun violence employed by non-white males every single day in just one of our gun-free cities, than in a single school shooting. Women in those cities are targeted for every kind of violence, but not allowed to defend themselves because the gun laws targeting the already non-law abiding are applied to them as well. This is true and to show you the hypocrisy of all the leftist efforts, nobody gives a darn about individual murders, it's about the mass school and church shootings, those things that make a big splash. And does anyone ask why women who are targeted cannot own guns to defend themselves? Does anyone even bother to ask the women about that?
Now of course, and all through your post, you are asking the same questions we ask..

The issue is not all those individual shootings or stabbings, no matter how they tally. The issue is more about the furor over mass shootings and the effects they have. The public display of blood and gore in large amounts against innocent victims is a trigger for political policy. If you can put an end to or at least reduce its frequency of mass shootings then you will see that the 'individual situations' don't matter that much to a lot of people, even leftists; even in chicago where they now have a gay mayor who advocates for peace and luv, unless the tally starts rising to national embarrassment.
That furor will not deflate, the left wants it as a prohibition of the 2nd..and they will not quit. They want to disarm us, since their socialist Utopia would be difficult to force upon any people, while they have the means to resist !.

But we have to do something, even if it is advocate for transparency of the most draconian practices the leftists protect, like mental health records, privacy issues, sexual preferences, voting registration, family background, citizenship status. These are issues that leftists demand protection for but these might well be some of the considerations we should raise to counter the all or nothing policy they propose.

It isn't that Juan, a illegal immigrant deported thrice murdered Juanita and her two babies while a drug addict, it is that leftists don't want to consider either his illegal status or the murders, just his need for drug use intervention and this is what we must counter, the intentional misdirection of the focus on necessary actions.
I understand your frustration..but we are all facing the same frustrations.. any suggestions?


If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.. (Gen George S. Patton)
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Yes. Put Trump in for four more years, let the choir sing louder and bury the leftists.
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Originally Posted by Bad Mike View Post
Yes. Put Trump in for four more years, let the choir sing louder and bury the leftists.
Good plan
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