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Whoa fellas! Let me step back in here. I greatly appreciate all the help and advice I've received. I've really learned a bunch. I can get conicals from No Excuses and some other sources, I can use Pyrodex or 777 successfully, I understand the principle of a slip fit barrel and I'm beginning to understand the value (not just the monetary value, but values such as workmanship, accuracy, ease and forgiveness) of the White. I also understand the company is no longer in business - so breakage may be a factor - although it's not really a consideration - really, I've got very little in the rifle - if it breaks, well, I'll cross that bridge when/if I get to it. I also understand that in a pinch I should get reasonable accuracy with a sabot even with the high twist rate in the barrel.

I now own this rifle based on factors I was looking for - short barrel, stainless barrel, composite stock, caliber smaller than 50, and believe it or not for the reason that it's "bolt handle" is on the left side - and the fact that it was right in front of me for a good price didn't hurt. As I write this I am still undecided what to do but at least I know it is a shootable piece with available fodder. While I consider what is next I will take the time to thoroughly research the muzzle loader "world". So by all means, please continue with advice and options. Again, thanks to all!

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