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Default Re: This is the best dessert ever

Originally Posted by Lloydh
Easy Beesy Cherry cobbler

1- 9x13 pan
1-can of cherry pie filling
1- box of yellow cake mix(must be yellow)
1 or 2 sticks of butter (REAL non salted butter)

preheat to 350
shake about 1/3 cake mix in bottom of pan
slice 1 stick butter into pats place evenly on cake mix
Pour cherry filling in pan
shake rest of cake mix evenly on top
slice butter into pats place evenly on top of cake mix(about 1/4 inch apart)
bake for about 30 mins ( done when bubbley and starting to brown)
This is so easy I can even do it!!( works with any pie filling but cherry is best)
I made this a couple of weeks ago using an iron skillet on my gas grill.
Gooood Stuff!!!!!!

I owe my life to an organ donor
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Default Re: I know it says wild game recipes but...

I just found this subforum, looks like fun. Here is an introductory offering:


Or Spicy Meat Stew, if ya wanna short name……

Get your fire going and stoke it good so you will have a decent amount of coals to work with.
Might as well hang your kettle over this to start getting water hot, too.
While the fire is burning down, cut up your meat - beef, pork, chicken, lamb, whatever -
in about 3/8" dice and dredge it in seasoned flour. Cut up an onion or two and crush & paste some
garlic (crush it with a knife, sprinkle it with salt, and use you knife to smear it into a paste).
By now you should have enough coals to work with, so pull some out of the fire - enough to make a
bed about the size of your dutch oven (12" works good), but leave a space about 4 or 5 inches in the
center clear of coals. Set your oven over the coals. Add some grease of some sort - oil, shortening,
bacon grease, and get your onions going. When they are soft, but not brown, add the meat.
Stir it about some. Add powdered cumin, ground black pepper, a little ground coriander, chili powder,
and a little each of hot, sweet, bittersweet, and smoked paprika, and a touch of chipotle chili powder (vary spices to suit yourself of course). Stir it around some. Check and adjust seasoning. Add a little chicken stock, stir. Put the lid on
and put some coals on the lid. Set a slightly smaller oven (10") on top of that to start
heating up, throw some chopped bacon into that one. Have the lid for the 2nd oven sitting on something clean and put some coals on top of it so it will get hot.

While it is heating take about 3 cups of cornmeal, one cup of flour, some salt, a little baking
powder, a little baking soda, and mix them together. Add one beaten egg and about 2 cups of
buttermilk - if you don't have buttermilk you can use 2 cups regular milk clabbered with about 2 or 3
Tbs of cider vinegar. Mix this up into a batter. Make sure that the bacon in the 2nd oven has rendered
out a lot of the fat (you don't HAVE to use bacon, you can use Crisco, butter, oil, but you need some
hot fat). Swirl the oven so the grease coats the bottom and at least an inch up the sides. Pour in the
batter and put the lid on. About every 10 minutes, give the oven a quarter turn clockwise and the lid a
quarter turn counter-clockwise, this helps even out hot spots. Cornbread should be done in 30 to 40
minutes. And the meat will be done about the same time as the cornbread. At some point about half
way through cooking the cornbread, you will want to check on the meat.

If there is too much liquid you can either thicken it up with some couscous, roux, or cornstarch, or set
up more coals to put the cornbread on, add some coals under the meat and let the sauce reduce with the
lid off. Towards the end of the cooking, your water should be boiling so you can make your coffee.
Use your favorite method. Turn the cornbread out of the oven, cut it for serving, butter it if you want. I
like to crumble it in the bottom of my bowl and mess out the meat on top of it. And have a chunk of it
on the side with honey or molasses for dessert. N.B. you will need to check your coals from time to
time during the cooking to make sure you keep your heat. If you have cornbread left over, split it in
half the next morning and fry it up in the fat from the bacon or sausage that you cooked for breakfast.
Good way to do biscuits, too.

Your ob't & etc,
Joseph Lovell

Justice Robert H. Jackson - It is not the function of the government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.
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Default Re: I know it says wild game recipes but...

Cream of Tomato Soup

This is a treat for heart patients who are not allowed creamed soup since it requires milk product to thicken it. I've found a way to do it with rice.

1 can NSA (No Salt Added) diced tomatoes
1 cup beef broth (I use sodium free Herb Ox) but any will do
1/2 tsp salt substitute or 1 tsp salt
1 or 2 Roma tomatoes, rough chopped
1 and 1/2 Tbs long grain rice

Combine all ingredients in a 3 Qt saucepan, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth.

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Default Re: I know it says wild game recipes but...

cheese potato soup.
3/4s of a big package of velveta
1 small can of garlic cheese camlbes soup
1/4 cup parasean cheese
2 large cans cream of mush soup (use low fat if the rest of the recipe scares you : )
then add a can of water
1 can mushrooms
1lb cubed ham
1lb bacon
1 can corn
1 half cup chopped broccoli
1 TBS crushed garlic
1 large chopped onion
1 tsp black pepper
cut up Potatoes (as many as you like to get the potato to soup ratio you want
Fry the bacon then saute the onions and mushrooms in the bacon grease
add the broccoli, ham, corn soup water and cheese and cook till all the cheese is melted. Then you will get an idea of how thick it is and you can either cook it down to make it thicker or add milk to make it thinner
I cook the potatoes in water till there about half done then drain and add to the soup
simmer till the potatoes are done and enjoy (but don't tell your doctor)

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Default Re: I know it says wild game recipes but...

Ham, bacon, velveeta, cheese and LOW FAT cream of mushroom? Now that's funny. Problem with low fat stuff is you have to eat 3 times as much.
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Default Re: I know it says wild game recipes but...


recipes for every creature that runs, flies, crawls or swims - even the one's that slithers ....

here's one for the neighbor's ***** cat the keeps crapping in your garden ....

Curbside Cat

1 Cat
3 Strips bacon
1 Salt and pepper

Skin and clean Poopsie like you would a squirrel.

Stuff the cavity with dressing and tie front legs back and back legs forward.

Lay breast down in a low baking pan, uncovered, with bacon strips across back. Season with salt and pepper.

Roast at 325F. for one hour, remove and make gravy from drippings.

As you dig in, recall all teh midnight howling and torn garbage bags.

NOTE: A roadside shopper has to move fast on these as cat owners miss their tabby all too quickly and will want to bury them in some fancy pet cemetary with all their limbs intact. If you're quick with a blade, it's really clever to skin "snookums" on the spot and leave its outer garment close by, causing Miss Marple to think her baby has just been scared out of her ninth life and will soon return to share the next bowl of fishheads.

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