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bkraft 07-16-2012 03:45 PM

Sight In Distance
Beginning to dabble in Field Pistol and Practical Hunter, using a 10"TC .22 Hornet shooting a 55 gr. cast bullet. At what distance would you guys suggest the sights be zeroed at to shoot the course and not adjust sights? ( Hope this question makes sense!)

SHOOTALL 07-16-2012 03:50 PM

Re: Sight In Distance
When I shot IHMSA I had sight setting for all distances , for all bullet weights and for different times of the year . Sun light or none will effect open sights to the point you can miss a target at long distance try shooting with clouds rolling by.
I don't remember how many times I heard that said.

ole95 07-16-2012 06:14 PM

Re: Sight In Distance
now a view from the other side ;)
one of the reason to use the hornet is FLAT shooting

Now let me dazzle you with some of my BS
1st. what sight picture do you like >I like 6 oclock

chicks from 6 oclock to mid chick is = 1 1/2 "
pigs from 6 oclock to mid pig is 2 1/2
Turkey from 6 oclock to mid Turkey = 3"
Rams from 6 oclock to mid Ram = 3 1/2"

just numbers but maybe close to your bullet

55 gr. @1850 fps MV B.C. of .230 ZERO set at 165 yds.

bullet is above aiming point in inches
25 yrds. chicks .91 > close to 1"
50 yrds pigs 2.64 > close to 2 1/2"
75 yrds turkeys 3.62 > close to 3 1/2"
100yrds. Rams 3.78 > close to 3 1/2"

now with a 6 oclock hold @ each the bullet should hit with in 1/2 " of center of the target

advice find you a good free ballistic calculator the internet is full of free one
and plug in numbers until your happy
the one I use is on my smart phone which is very handy
but also be prepared if you get in a shoot off and they place a SB chick at 100 yrds. :o

now most people think you need to twist sights and I sure there right they be doing this for years
but I work all day in maintenance and when I got to the range I'm not interested in spending my time with a screwdriver in one hand :P
you did not ask which was the best way to do it you ask at what distance to set zero
well now you know the rest of the story

SHOOTALL 07-17-2012 06:07 AM

Re: Sight In Distance
I find using the turkey setting works for chickens at ram range in shoot offs we often had 3 chicks at the turkey and 2 at ram range alternating .
Lets get deeper , when you shoot a handgun at longer range everything gets multiplied. so a small error gets bigger. It is important to have a good sighting point like mentioned 6 oclock. I used 6oclock but also the inside of the front leg. where the belly line and front leg came together was on my front sight . hits were one third of the critter up. This help compensate if a cloud came over. it also gave a pinpoint not somewhere on the critter.

Sixgun 08-27-2012 10:42 AM

Re: Sight In Distance
I shoot a 10" hornet barrel on my contender for NRA Hunters Pistol, metallic sights. These are 1/2 size targets at 40, 50, 75, & 100 meters.
Load is 3.7 titegroup with a 55 gr RCBS cast bullet with coke can gaschecks. I necksize only and use cci small pistol primers.
Chickens - top of front sight at leg/breast joint.
Pigs - top of front sight at belly
turkeys - top of front sight even with tail.
Rams - top of front sight at about 2 inches below the back.
I have a Williams fp rear sight with a bomar front sight and use a taco hold.
My high score with this load is 34 but I average around 27 to 32.
I have also used the bulk winchester 55gr fmj boat tail bullets with everything else the same and they shoot just the same, maybe a little better.
The hornet is really a great silhouette calibre. Low recoil and very accurate.

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