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sjs 12-02-2017 04:01 PM

Bullet Types For Silhouette
Is there a specific type of bullet generally used for this game?

For example, are they generally jacketed for both, or jacketed for bottle neck and cast for straight wall?

Does the profile matter, i.e., flat point, flat nose, spritzer, hollow point, boattail, etc.?

Construction, i.e., solids, other?

teamnelson 12-02-2017 05:56 PM

I only ever shot cast bullets in straightwall myself, and my buddies who shot 7mm used 150 gr spire points because the Rams were tricky. Seems like if you're goal is to do well in competition, go ahead and move to 7mm (7-30, 7TCU, etc.) in a single shot. Personally, I stuck with 44 magnum as 1) the man who got me into shooting silhouette was Major Golden, The Iron Man, double distinguished and only shot single action revolvers "on his hind legs as God intended" for the challenge, and 2) I wanted to get better with a pistol I'd most likely use for hunting. I used a cast Keith type 240gr SWC with gas checks, over 294 in winchester cases, and saw a few Rams fall.

In general, stick with the flattest shooting non-expanding bullet that retains the most energy at distance.

sjs 12-03-2017 11:26 AM

Thanks teamnelson.

gypsyman 12-06-2017 07:34 PM

T-N plus one. Shot the sillywet game for several decades starting in the early 80's. You don't need to spend a ton of money on ''match grade'' bullets if you don't want to. Think more of what the pocket book can afford so you can practice more. I shot my own cast bullets for years, just because it was a lot more cost effective, shot as much during the week practicing as on weekends at a match. With equipment and ammo/components being what they are nowadays, getting yourself ready is as much, or more, that what your using. gypsyman

Bad Mike 08-24-2018 06:21 PM

Late 70s and early 80s shot the 200 yd course with the 357, 44 magnum and a wildcat 40 cal. All used flat nosed cast bullets. the 44 caliber had a good number of Keith or Keith-Thompson style semi-wad cutters available for reloading, the 357 had the 168 and 173 gn Keith semi-wad cutters and later the 200 gn Keith style semi-wad cutter and for the wildcat 40, the Keith design 170 gn semi-wad cutter. All these bullets were cast hard and worked well because of the flat nose and fairly sharp shoulder of the met-plat when they hit. Round nosed slugs deflected too easily and wouldn't knock the steel over and the same would sometimes happen with jacketed soft points, just sayin' .......

richard p 10-04-2019 11:00 AM

IHMSA silhouette today is quite different from the game of the 1980s. A rule change resulting in removal of 3/4'' off the rear of the Ram feet changed the force necessary to knock it over. This was a good change as we no longer felt the need for ''more powder---bigger bullets''. Later, scope sights were allowed and there are many who benefit from their use. Then, we introduced the Half Size (1/4 area) targets. Each is fun and have their own challenges.
There is no set preference in bullet selection. Shoot cast or shoot jacketed as suits your needs. rp

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