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peak98 11-09-2019 12:35 AM

6mm Remington info wanted
I picked up a Remington model four in 6mm Remington. Don’t know anything about this cartridge either. Rifle is like new, safe queen. Sighted in with Hornady 100gr soft points but would like to find some nosler partitions to feed it.
Tell me about this cartridge? What’s the good and bad? Thank y’all.

Graybeard 11-09-2019 01:07 AM

Think .243 Winchester plus 100 fps. It is the same case as the .257 Roberts and 7x57.

George Foster 11-09-2019 06:25 AM

The good is you get more velocity, better barrel life due to the sharper shoulder of the cartridge. The bad is factory ammo is hard to find along with brass.

spruce 11-09-2019 07:15 AM

Had one in a Rem model 700 years ago. Shot several deer with it using Rem 100gr CoreLokts and it did the job very well.

It was also dubbed the .244 Remington when first introduced and Remington made the mistake of using too slow of a rifling twist to stabilize the 100 grain bullets like the .243 Win could. They implemented a faster twist and renamed it the 6mm Rem, but by then the .243 had a big head start and the 6mm's fate was sealed.

45/70fan 11-09-2019 10:19 AM

As was said, had Remington given it the right rifling to start with it would be as popular as the 243. Not much factory ammo but a reloader would love it. PM me if you ever decide to sell it, I've been looking for a pump or semi auto Remington 6mm.

RaySendero 11-09-2019 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by peak98 (Post 2055968636)
I picked up a Remington model four in 6mm Remington.

peak, You have pick-up a good quality semi-auto rifle in a rather unusual cartridge.

Congratulations !

peak98 11-09-2019 04:21 PM

Thanks gentlemen, I was looking for a Remington or Browning semiauto in 308 or 243 when I ran across this one. Picked it up cheap and will try it out this season.

George Foster 11-09-2019 04:40 PM

At the present time I own two 6mm's and have been reloading for the 6mm since 1976. I also have two 243's and I much prefer the 6mm, all are bolt action rifles.

neckisred 11-09-2019 09:44 PM

I shoot the 100 grain CoreLokts in my Remington 760 6mm. This will be season 35 for this rifle, I guess I like the 6mm.

charles p 11-20-2019 07:12 PM

Always wanted a 6mm. Settled for a Mod 7 Featherweight in .243.

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