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Five Shot,
Let us know how yours shoots. I plan on picking one up in a couple months when funds allow.
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well got to do a bit of shooting today, maybe 30 rounds total. with my two go to 44 special loads accuracy was pretty good. On par with my blackhawk 44 special. The underwood full wadcutter was ok, but nothing to write home about. Overall I thing with a bit of practice on my part I will be more than able to put 5 rounds under 2" at 25 yards with my two favorite loads.
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That Charter mentioned above sounds nice to me. Does anybody here have one of those little Bulldogs? I know Gun Genie and Buds has them for sale under $400. They are on the legal in California roster list too.
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i have a charter bulldog i have had for over 40 years
and another newer one in stainless and shorter barrel

shot the old one A LOT
it shakes and rattles but it still rolls

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I've has a couple of Bulldogs down through the years and they were good revolvers. But I ended up with a S&W model 25 in 45lc.
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Older thread ,but I'll add my .02 worth .
I own only one .44 Spl. it is Rossi # 720 it is my bedside gun .

They made them as bobbed hammer fixed or adjustable sights they are a 5 shot 3inch stainless steel .

I would highly recomend it ,I paid 350 for it ,its about a k frame and is very solid . But they are not too common.

All in all a nice gun.


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My dad brought a revolver back from Germany just after WW2. PO Ackley told me to use cut down 44 special brass, and load it to about 700-750 fps. Bought 1000 Remington empty cases, cut down about 3 boxes worth. Hearing ricochets hit the woods sounding like hitting the trees with the side of an axe. Watching splinters fly from a stump at about 200 yards was also neat. Having all that brass made me want a Special, so I acquired a stainless Taurus 5 shot with a 3 inch barrel. Have shot it a little, but not near enough to learn its capabilities, I am sure it is more capable than me.

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had one myself for a while. Kind of a budget smith 696. It didn't have the fit and finish and was a bit loose but the one I had shot as well as my 696 and I probably should have hung on to it. But I have 5 44spec guns now and do have my 696 (which is proabably the last revolver id ever sell) so down the road it went.
Originally Posted by RocklockI View Post
Older thread ,but I'll add my .02 worth .
I own only one .44 Spl. it is Rossi # 720 it is my bedside gun .

They made them as bobbed hammer fixed or adjustable sights they are a 5 shot 3inch stainless steel .

I would highly recomend it ,I paid 350 for it ,its about a k frame and is very solid . But they are not too common.

All in all a nice gun.


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One of my pocket carries is a Charter Arms Bulldog.
I chose the black coated model, with no hammer spur to hinder the draw from my jeans pocket.
Locally, the hardware shop in town had some 185 grain Winchester Silvertip hollow points, so that is my carry ammo.
I have also laid in some Winchester 240 grain Cowboy loads - real nicely mannered rounds for range fun.

And, those same Cowboy loads in my Ruger Super Blackhawk are very accurate. Probably more accurate than I am.

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Originally Posted by lloyd smale View Post
steve made so good points but I love the 44 special. What it offers is near 44 mag performance if you want in a smaller package. You cant get a 44 mag in something the size of a gp100 or L frame smith. To get a single action 44 mag you have to step up to a full sized super vs the small framed blackhawks that come in 44 special.

Yes its harder to find brass for. But that's the only disadvantage. Its advantages is that it seems to be more accurate to me with lighter loads and with keith level loads it will kill anything in north America shy of big bear and would probably do fine on them if you have the nuts.

Largest animals ive shot with the 44 spec was a 350 boar and a 900 lb cow buffalo. It did the job very well on them. Heres a good example of a proper gun and load. My buddy and I were hunting pigs one day and the owner of the operation whos a good friend told my buddy to pop a small 500 lb calf buffalo for meat for him. We were at the time experimenting with 500 linebaughs and hps. The bullet had a huge hp cavity and was on the light side at 400 grain. He shot the buffalo broadside at 40 yards. It took off running and we chased it for a couple hours and he put one more shot into the back of it. We chased it some more and finally got another shot and he took it with my 44 spec smith because he was doubting the 500 bullet by then. the buffalo folded at the shot.

We cut it open and found that neither 500 bullet made it more then 7 inches into the buffalo. The 44 spec punched through both front shoulders and exited into the dirt. Is the 44 spec a better choice then the 500 for buffalo? Hardly but it shows that with a proper bullet it surely is capable and if its capable of that its surely is more then capable on anything under 500 lbs.

I personally shot a 900lb buffalo with the same gun and load and shot another with my 4 5/8s Blackhawk loaded with a 250 cast at a 1000fps which is 44 spec territory. that day I didn't even intend on shooting a buffalo. I came for pigs but was offered a buffalo at a give away price and its was the gun and load I had with me. Ive shot a number of buffalo with various handguns. Funny thing is that that was the quickest kill ive ever seen on any buffalo with any gun, handgun or rifle. At the hit right behind the shoulder blood sprayed out of its mouth like a garden hose was in there. It took two steps and piled up dead. Ive seen buffalo hit with 475s and 500s that kept eating like they had been bit by a fly until they realized they were dead and fell over.
A great post. I too love the .44 special but the chamberings available were spotty at best. Now Ruger has come out with a five shot GP 100 .44 Spec. If I were still actively shooting I'd probably have acquired one by now. But I still enjoy reading about 'em, even if I don't shoot 'em any more. I used to shoot .44 specials in a .44 mag I owned a long time ago. I always loved it. Easy to shoot. Bullet holes were large enough to see without a spotting scope and I didn't have to pick up brass off the ground like with a .45 ACP.

Maybe I'll get a .44 Mag single action and shoot it with downloads. Single action is slower which means ammo and range sessions last longer. And I still don't have to pick up brass. Another dream of a retirement that will probably never come.

Keep posting great posts. I really enjoy reading them.
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