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Shootall3 01-10-2019 06:35 AM

Kimber K-6 , 3"bbl
I had the opertunity to shoot a Kimber K-6 with a three inch bbl. It is one of the nicest revolvers I have shot. Appears to be very accurate. Smooth action. Great trigger. I like the grip , hate to say it but it feels like holding a bat of soap . It feels good and reduces felt recoil for me. If they made one with an exposed hammer like a model 38 S&W they would have a perfect carry gun . But then a hammer block or transferred bar of some kind would need to be added .
Anyway a nice revolver which it should be for $900.00 .

pastorp 01-31-2020 12:23 PM

Is the Kimber j frame size or K frame size. Of all the revolvers Iíve owned I believe the SP101 frame and grip fits my hand the best.

Dee 01-31-2020 01:07 PM

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I actually carry a K6s 3" barrel with exposed hammer. It's an $800.00 revolver.
As far as the transfer bar, both models have one.

lloyd smale 02-02-2020 07:42 AM

no expert on them but did shoot one once at the range and was impressed by it. only complaint I could find with it is that it was a bit heavy compared to my j frames.

Dee 02-02-2020 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by pastorp (Post 2056006480)
Is the Kimber j frame size or K frame size. Of all the revolvers I’ve owned I believe the SP101 frame and grip fits my hand the best.

Its somewhere in between I think. The model I have is 25 ounces empty, solid stainless, and 6 shot.

pastorp 02-03-2020 09:50 AM

My SP101 wiley clapp model with 2.25” barrel and good Novak sights weights 26oz empty. My hands are at the point that 357 mags are painful to shoot. +P 38s are about the hottest I can tolerate. And then only in limited numbers.

Dee 02-03-2020 10:03 AM

I practice with light 38s, but carry 125 grain 357.
Trust me, if you ever have to use it, you won't notice.

pastorp 02-03-2020 06:40 PM

I learned to shoot at the St. Petersburg, Florida police pistol range. They had a program for youth over 12, if memory serves me correctly, that taught safety and shooting positions and some range time with 22 rifles and live ammo. Before the live we spent several weeks dry firing the rifle they issued us. Anyway Mister Colley, the range officer, late became a friend and my gunsmith. Young boys always called someone they knew well by their first name with a mister before it if they were older them I was. That was just proper in the south.

Anyway Mr Jack taught me to reload, how to cast bullets and a lot about guns. My first centrrfire revolver was a Ruger 357 mag. I bought a couple molds. A 200 gr 357 rounded flat nose and a Keith semi wadcutter that was about 170 grains. With a charge of unique under the 200 grain i could hit milk cartons off the 100 yards bearm.

Anyway I’m think about a 200 gr WFN 357 cast bullets in either 38 case or the mag case with a charge of unique under it to duplicate the old English war time 200 gr webley load. I would bet that load would be a dandy self defense load.

Have you ever tried or know others that have used that load with success Dee?

Dee 02-03-2020 08:53 PM

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I have a double cavity 158 grain semi wadcutter that has had 1,000s of bullets dumped out of it. I used to loan it to other officers that would mold a few thousand and return it.
Its about the only molded 38 caliber I've messed with.
I've shot that bullet in light 38 loads, heavy 357 mags in both pistol, and rifle, but I never really carried the round.
What I was taught, and what I learned after I began teaching was.
Practice a lot with the light loads, they cure bad habits, and promote good habits.
But carry the good stuff.

At 70, those loads hurt my hand. I think they always did, but knowing from real time experience, I've gone back to what I know works.
I'm shooting very light loads, and stayin within about 25 yds, but mostly closer.
When I load my pistol for protection, I carry the same old 125 grain jhps loaded at 1500fps.

I carry what I know will work, regardless of caliber.

The chances of me having to ever fire a shot, are pretty slim, but if I do.
I'll send the best "proven round" in the business at'em.

As of Saturday, I sold every pistol I had, except my Smith Airweight 38spc, and my Kimber K6s.
I've always shot revolvers better, and in my old age I've gone back to my roots. Those two are my sole focus on carry protection.

You might consider trying what I do, and not worry about if you have to fire the real protection rounds. If your forced into a fight, you really won't notice the arthritis pain.

Shootall3 03-04-2020 10:12 AM

The three inch bbl gun fits in the same holster as a three inch J frame.

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