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Default best .22lr da revolver

I like dan wesson, smoth and wesson ,colt, and ruger. Who makes the best .22lr DA revolver. and what length is best for hunting?

Andrew S. DeCecco
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Default best .22lr da revolver

I'd vote for a S&W617. Here are a few random thoughts on DA .22 revolvers:

S&W 617
-still made
-commonly found, new or used
-lots of aftermarket parts
-lots of configurations over the years- 6 or 10 shot cylinders; 4", 6", or 8-3/8" barrel lengths, target hammers/triggers available
-newer versions are easily scoped- with cylinder open, look for holes in topstrap. Scope base mounts from above.
-I'd shy away from the early 10-shot cylinders that were made of aluminum alloy. I've never had one, but lots of folks shy away from them, which would make resale more difficult.

S&W K-22, 17, 18, etc.
-older guns are neat in their own right
-many think the older hand fit/finish can't be beat
-prices going up, but shouldn't lose money as long as well maintained
-I've never owned an older S&W, so can't personally comment further

Ruger SP101
-sights are adjustable for windage only
-4" full shroud, 4" half shroud, 2-1/4" full shroud barrel options
-6-shot cylinder
-I have two, I think of them more as plinkers than hunting tools. Just not as refined as a S&W, IMHO.

Colt DA .22 revolvers
-pricier, but should only go up in value w/proper maintenance
-never owned one, never even shot one ops:

Dan Wesson
-never owned or shot one
-I like the concept of interchangeable barrels
-intermittent production, different ownership interests of company
-check the forums, I've read posts from dedicated DW fans who have not been happy with their .22 offerings.

Thoughts on barrel length for hunting: Longer barrels will tend to yield higher velocity. Longer barrels are not necessarily inherently more accurate. Longer barrels will give a better sight radius if hunting with iron sights, appearing to be more accurate. That advantage is negated when the revolver is scoped.

Happy shopping!
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Default Colt Diamond backs are nice.

Friend of mine had a 4 inch Colt Diamondback. Very nice shooting gun. He mostly plinked and shot paper in a gravel pit. He and another friend got to shooting at thrown wood blocks and would hit surprisingly often. I'd grab one of those if it came my way.

Very pleasant gun to shoot.

SW K 22's are sweet shooting too.

I think a 6 inch barrel may be better for hunting - you tend to get a little more oomph out of the .22 than from shorter barrels.

I use a 4 5/8 Colt New Frontier a bit and at times the low power is noticeable. Mostly I hunt with a 6 7/8 in Ruger Mark II with good results but not as handy to carry.

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Default best .22lr da revolver

another vote for a 617 there probably one of he most accurate out of the box revolvers in any caliber.

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Default best .22lr da revolver

The heavy underlugged S&Ws are very accurate but man those things are heavy enough to be .454 Casulls and they shoot no better than the much nicer Model 17s without all the weight. Back when I was still shooting competition I had both with 8-3/8" barrels. I was never able to see any difference in my scores either way. Once I scoped that heavy bugger and man what a load to hold up for shooting thru a silhouette match.

The Diamond Back from Colt was a nice gun but nearly impossible to find except with 4" barrels. For iron sight shooting with my eyes I want that front sight as far away from me as I can get it. Every little bit helps so I use nothing less than 6" and much prefer 8-3/8" over even a 6" barrel. My best shooting ever with irons was done with my old S&W 29 with 10-5/8" barrel and that four position adjustable front sight. But that's a .44 not a .22.

I competed with an 8-3/8" Model 17 for a lot of years and who knows how many tens of thousands of round went down that barrel. Best shooting revolver I ever own for the .22LR.

Bill aka the Graybeard

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Default best .22lr da revolver

Check your local game reg's, most specify a minimum barrel length. As with any kind of precision shooting with hand guns longer is generally better. The old K22s are sweet shooters. Never shot a 617 but imagine it would also be a good choice.

Why are you considering only a DA's for small game hunting? The Ruger Single Six's shoot very well and make great small game getters. Even though I use a 6" High-Standard with a buttery smooth DA trigger for small game, I have yet to take a shot at an animal without cocking the hammer first. A good SA trigger is easier to shoot accurately than a great DA trigger. Don't rule out some of the fine Automatics either. I would not feel disadvantaged armed with any of the Ruger Mark II, Browning Buck-Mark or High Standard target models with longer heavier barrels and adjustable sites.

Handle and shoot (if possible) as many different .22's as you can and choose the one that feels right in your hand and pionts naturally for you. If a gun does not feel right in your hands you will not get the best accuracy out of it regardless of brand or action type.

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Default i have a ruger super single six 22lr and 22win mag

I have a ruger super six 22lr and 22win mag 6.5" barrel in stainless that i can use for hunting, I may scope it maybe not. I just like the ease of loading a da gun.

Andrew S. DeCecco
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Default best .22lr da revolver

:cb2: Another vote for the S&W 617. I have a scoped 6" and I have taken more squirrels and small game with it than any of my .22 rifles. (Unless you consider turtles as small game!) Wonderfully accurate, and it feels like a real gun (hmmm . . . kinda like a Smith K-frame?!!?), not like a wimpy little .22.

I have a SP101 in .22 that I love, but it's a plinker. Not as accurate as the 617, but has killed its fare share of cans, clays, and golf balls.

I would love to come across a Diamondback in .22LR. Almost bought one in .22 mag once, but since .22 mag cartridges cost as much, or more than .38 reloads, I decided against it. That was over 30 years ago, and I haven't seen one since. I'm sure one would cost more now than I would be willing to pay. Not because it wouldn't be worth it, but because the .22 arsenal is pretty well stocked!


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Default best .22lr da revolver

I vote for the K-22/mod 17. I bought a Performance Center model 17 with a 6" barrel a while back. I didn't even know they made them until I saw it on an online gun auction. Paid 500$ for it and worth every penny. Made to look like the old guns and mine shoots into 1/2" or less at 25 yds. with good ammo. Smiths single action is hard to beat out of the box, and unbeatable if tuned. Good luck.
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Default best .22lr da revolver

I would vote for the K frame S&W. It has enough weight to make it relatively easy to shoot without being overly heavy. Out of the box and tuned it will have the nicest action. I have had both 17s and an 18 (4" version). The Colt Diamondback is nice and a bit lighter than the Smiths. The action is more difficult to tune and get as light as a Smith. Also, the gun is very pricey to buy and it has been out of production for a while with the 6" ones seeming to be rarer than the 4" ones. Parts still are plentiful for the Colt "D" frames, though. The one I had was very nice and wish I still had it but foolishly traded it off.

The Dan Wesson, when tuned, will have a heavier action due to the short hammer arc but probably the fastest lock time. Also, one can change barrel lengths and configurations but must resight after the change. Used, they are relatively inexpensive compared to a Smith or Colt. They also are somewhat heavier depending upon barrel shroud (over 40 oz).
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