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gcrank1 11-27-2016 03:33 PM

Got a New (Old) One
Been on & off the airguns for years, mostly off for a good long while now but got re-interested recently. I have been downsizing (like many of us oldsters) and the old, heavy target guns are a bit too much when a guy is out of shape so My RWS 75T01 has been bought by a friend. I had decided to go to a mild mannered break barrel and stumbled upon a clean 1988 RWS 45. It is a full man size rifle, a bit bigger & heavier than what I thought I wanted, but the price as fair and it is NICE. Ive been playing with it for about a month and do like it. I dont care if it is no longer the super-fast .177 or even if the spring is tired; remember I said I wanted mild mannered. At 10M'ish off the casual back deck rail 'rest' it will print a cloverleaf with cheap Crossman Wadcutters in spite of some twang & buzz. No, it aint that 75T01 recoiless but it will suit me fine now.

grizzlyadams1874 12-04-2016 01:29 PM

nice find! i miss my old 45, it was a good gun . it got stolen yrs ago along with my .22cal model 36

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