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Default Inside Neck Reaming the 308x45 case by hand - Video

What you need: Some kind of crank-able trimmer like the Redding or Forster trimmer; Forster Inside Neck Reamer bit for 308 Winchester; Oil for the reamer; Patience, patience, patience. Please excuse the interchangeability of the terms inside neck "reaming" and "trimming".

Address coming shortly...

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Originally Posted by moleman View Post
I usually will do at least 50-100 cases if I set the trimmer up and the most I've done in a session was 500ish. My hands would quickly go numb if I used the hand crank that comes with the trimmer is the reason for the drill. It's a two variable speed and I use it on low and on the slower end speed wise. One of those electric screw drivers would likely work well if you had one. The piece of plywood brings the drill up and supports it so the weight of it isn't hanging off of the trimmer bearing. The larger aluminum collet closer handle is just easier on your hands also. I'll measure the stop collar and write down that number to make setting the trimmer up for the same case easier next time. For me it's the fastest, easiest way. Forster does make a power case trimmer which is basically just a base to use in a mill or drill press or it would be easy enough to cut an emergency collet to hold the cases and use a lathe, but I think both ways would be much slower.

You want the cases to have the final outside diameter so the extra metal to be removed in on the inside of the case. So after you get them formed to where you want them for each reaming size them again without the expander in place so the unwanted metal is on the inside diameter of the neck.
The electric screwdriver is what I use with mine because I felt the added rotation speed of the drill even on low was creating too much friction heat when turning case necks. Maybe me just being OCD but the screwdriver seems to work great for this. I bought a cheap one just for the job because sometime battery charge life can be short and if it dies I'll get a new one.


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Default Lessos learned loading my first 308x45 cartridges

Lessons learned loading my first 308x45 rounds...

(1) After the necks are inside reamed, set up the shortened Lee Collet Neck Sizer according to standard "Touch shell holder plus one more turn." If you don't do this, the necks will not hold the bullets, contrary to my previous thoughts, it is not necessary to use a Factory Crimp die after bullet seating for a bolt gun, but maybe necessary for a semi-auto.

(2) If you take a close look at the cases in the tray, there is one in the middle that has powder grains on the upper part of the neck. They are sticking there due to left-over oil from neck reaming.

****Warning: If you don't clean them off and seat a bullet, like me, you will get a bulged neck that will not chamber. I had to disassemble the round, run it thru the FL sizer and neck sizer and reload it.****

(3) I seat the Hornady SSTs to the cannelure. This gave an overall cartridge length of 2.4900". Nominal design allows for 2.555" maximum cartridge length, but some super BC designs will probably be able to be loaded longer.

A habit I formed a while back is that I make a dummy round for every bullet I buy and put it in the box of bullets. Sort of a reference round.

Range Thursday or Friday.
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Default Loading is one thing, failure to fire is another

First range trip was a blowout...Failure To Fire, light firing pin strikes.

Striped rifle and then the bolt. Checked head spacing with go-gauge and case, No joy.

Measured all aspects of bolt head and pin protrusion, case protrusion from chamber. No joy.

This rifle was originally a 223 Rem. Changed the bolt head to 308, rechambered barrel, measured firing pin protrusion, primer size, primer pocket depth.

Also measured bolt heads and compared the 308 to the 223 Rem. Significant differences that may have all added up to moving the firing pin away from the 308x45 case head.

I am checking the firing pin protrusion, factory about 5 thou, setting it to 7 thou. Firing pin is easily adjustable once you know what you are looking at. Had to remove extractor to check protrusion and lost the detent ball on reassembly of course. TrueValue Hardware in the morning. :-)
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Default Light firing pin strikes problem solved.

It came down to extending the firing fin to 7 thou from 5 thou.

Test fired a primed case muzzle into old towels at home, barely a noise and a small towel impact.

Special Note: Found an easy way to reassemble extractor for the Savage. I chased a few balls over the reloading room before I came up with this method. No more working inside plastic bags to reassemble!

(1) Put the assembled bolt into the vise with plastic jaws
(2) Insert the spring
(3) Put the ball on top of the spring.
(4) Start the extractor cap
(5) Use a jewelers flat blade screwdriver (mine is magnetized) to depress the ball form the firing pin side.
(6) Push home the extractor cap.
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Default Fine tuning the Proxxon KGS 80 Mini-Mitre Saw

I use the Proxxon Mini-Mitre Saw KGS 80 to cut the extra long necks off my 22 Mamba/223 Short and 308x45 cases.

I have posted previously how the saw could not be trimmed (to use an aviation term) to give repeatable cuts with a +/- 0.001" to 0.002".

Regardless of setup, tolerance could not be held even with an extra nut on the horizontal adjustment shaft.

I found a solution which looks like it will allow the cut variation to be pretty repeatable in that range.

It consists of two 2-part collars with 8mm inside diameter that you tighten around the shaft either side of the left frame. It pretty much eliminates the "thread creep" that causes the length of the trimmed case to be reduced by 0.005" or .0010".

Here is the product a link and my setup. Whatever works for you.

1) I wound the lateral adjustment as far to the left as possible.
2) I put a collar on the left and right side of the left frame member.
3) You must have two collars, one on each side of the frame, (2 in the package) because, if it is not secured, the saw head moves with each stroke of the saw.

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Default First Real Range Trip - The Aftermath

I sighted in at 100 yards - 4 shots. Then 6 more shots and I was done with the recoil. Yes, even 20% less powder than 308 does not suit me at all.

So...The plan to overcome my affliction with the 308x45 recoil.

There are some options - Have someone make a "truck axle" barrel in 308x45 for my super heavy Savage Axis test rig. If I get a 21" barrel it should calm the whole recoil thing down significantly.

I can get a muzzle brake, but I don't want to be "that" guy at the range with the uber-boomer with a muzzle brake that makes everyone else run away in fear of hearing damage.

Then I can add a good slip-on recoil pad...

I have decided to go with a recoil pad to begin with - typical budget minded again. Start small and build into things, as the next step along the road may be the end point.

Of course, the LOP change with the pad (1") required a new scope base, full picatinny type rail, I had a two piece base and ran out of rearward adjustment for the scope.

Like whack-a-mole...solve one issue and another pops up - just living the wildcatter's dream!
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Have you considered a semiauto? My 44x1.8 thumps me pretty good in a Mauser, but isn't bad in an ar10 or ar15 with hotter loads.
With a 22-250 bolt and extension you'd be able to put your short 308 in an ar15.

350 Legend, Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Aww, Thanks Winchester!
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