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cinosbus 12-28-2011 06:07 PM

in-game penetration
I recently had some bullets take "other than straight" paths through deer when fired from my .475 Linebaugh revolver. Now, the bullets were not yours, but the 400gr Lee bullets for this caliber and they were traveling at about 1350fps.

Since the meplat and shoulder design on this bullet are be very similar to your LFN bullets, and I do own some of your LFN and WFN moulds, (but have not killed anything with them yet), and I am contemplating purchasing one of your moulds for this gun, I wanted to ask about whether or not you have experienced any wildly swerving bullets in game and if you know what causes it and especially how to avoid it when specifying the order for my mould.

Veral 01-01-2012 01:33 AM

Re: in-game penetration
I would have to look at the Lee profile, actually measure it up, to see if I could see what the design flaws are. I'm convinced that is the problem. Something about them lets them wobble before they leave the gun, or perhaps the ogive form, relitive to meplat size.

I have definately had bullets wonder off coarse, in deer, twice, but they were not LBT designs. that we sell. Furthermore, I have not heard one customer complaint, or report of such happening in the 32 years I've been selling my designs. God only knows how many animals have been punched through in all those years, with no problems. So, I definately recommend that you get an LBT design, and would recommend an LFN for your 475. 400 grains is very popular as is 385 gr where people want to keep recoil down. I don't recommend weights over 440 gr, but do make them on request.

cinosbus 01-01-2012 11:54 AM

Re: in-game penetration
Thank you Veral. I am pretty sure that it does not wobble in the gun, as I have fired a group that was just over an inch at 50yds with this setup from the bench. I am also fairly certain that I have enough twist for this bullet as all holes at 100yds are round. Twist is 1:15.

It must have something to do with the ogive and meplat. The swerving was severe enough that within just a couple of inches the bullets had turned 90*. I had two exits from the rear hams from 2 broadside shots placed into the ribcage. A third neck shot exited from a front elbow. Not something I'm looking to repeat.

Veral 01-03-2012 10:02 PM

Re: in-game penetration
A product of the 'inovaters', (a pet name of Lee's) but not a field proven design.

One would be amazed at how little change, from a proven design, is required to cause a bullet to tumble during penetration. Accuracy is not a criteria that insures true penetration. Spitzers which do not expand will tumble and yaw off coarse every time. As will a full wadcutter. No matter how well stabilized.

I was experimenting with making 'nail head' ammo from 22 lr hp's one time. To my surprise,the ammo I was messing with went crazy when a nail head and short stub was glued into the hp hole, even if I shortened the bullet enough so length wasn't changed. They shot accurate, but began tumbling within an inch of travel through water jugs. So I tried it with CCI Stingers and they penetrated true as could be, but didn't deliver what I was hoping to get. Deep penetration in head bone, for knocking beef on the ground.

Understand I wasn't trying to do something that made any sense. Just seeing what was possible.. The simple solution was of coarse a 22 magnum with solids, which is good for critters up to a ton if not more than about 2.5 years old. Like old men, old bulls get thick headed as they age. Having said that, I'm glad I'm not old yet :-)

land_owner 04-01-2012 10:27 AM

Re: in-game penetration

It has been my experience that not all old men are thick headed as well as some young men are thick headed by and through the ingestion of large amounts of useless and or bad information. Careful thought and the right amount of reason are required to prevent the buildup of "lead in the head".

Expecting everyone to THINK for THEMSELVES is useless. The term "Career Politician" is defined in our language because of this.

Bisley Bob 05-09-2020 09:15 AM


I have been rereading all posts on this wonderful board and saw the above recommendation for a 400 grain LFN. Why didnít you suggest a WFN here?

Thank you.


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