Colt 2nd generation black powder
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Gun Name Colt 2nd generation black powder
Year 1971
Make Colt
Model All eleven standard models
Color blue and CCH receiver
Packages un-fired condition--new in box.
1971 Colt All eleven standard models
History These Colt marked percussion revolvers were reproduced by Colt only from 1971 to 1982. Barrels, cylinders, loading lever, trigger guards, and back strap were ordered and brought over in the white from Italy. Receivers, internals, springs, screws, and grips were manufactured in the US. The first two models--an 1851 Navy and a 3rd model Dragoon were produced at the Colt Hartford plant using Colt proprietary bluing and real bone charcoal color case hardening.

In 1978 for the remaining 9 models, all production was moved to Iver Johnson as a sub contractor to Colt. All models were returned to Harford for final Colt inspection and distribution. There are no marks on these firearms other than Colt's patents and trade marks.

Colt will also issue a factory letter on this series since they consider them Colts.

The guns in the picture are: at center--Colt Walker, at 12 noon--1862 Pocket Police, going clockwise--1st, 2nd, & 3rd model Dragoons, between flasks--1851 Navy, 6 o'clock--Baby Dragoon, next between flasks--1862 pocket Navy, 9 o'clock--1861 Navy, 10 o'clock--1860 Army, 11 o'clock--1860 army with fluted cylinder.

There is another series produced from 1994 until 2002 called the 3rd generation or Signature series. These were produced under license by a company called Colt Blackpowder Arms who procured the parts in the same manner as the 2nd gens. These models have a fascimile Sam'l Colt signature on the back strap. However, Colt manufacturing did not distribute nor inspect these.

Colt was never given the serial numbers since it was claimed they were lost. Consequently, Colt will not issue factory letters on the 3rd gens.
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