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Gun Name DCman's single
Year 1981
Make H&R
Model Topper 088
Color Case Hardened
1981 H&R Topper 088
History I got this gun as payment for helping a co-worker move some furniture back in the late 1980's.
Features a 25" barrel but was full choke.
Couldn't hit a thing with it. Needed to replace a broken part and put the thing back together (internals came in a baggie). While gunsmith was repairing it, I asked them to open the choke up to modified.
Thing is deadly accurate now.
Stock was a little short. LoP measured 13 7/8". Installed a Limbsaver butt pad and it fits really nicely now. On top of that, where 1/2 a box of target loads was all the pounding I could take before, full house Duck and Pheasant loads are barely felt now.
Those Limbsavers really work!
Notes or additional mods
The other gun in the picture is an all original Stevens Model 94 in 16 Ga. with a 28" full choked barrel.
My brother got it at a garage sale back in the mid-60's.
Had an old Leader Gun Site on it, which was 3 rubber rings molded together in a shape resembling Mickey Mouse's head and ears. You were supposed to put the bird in the rear ring and that would give you the proper lead. Whenever I used it, I was always putting the bird in the wrong ring. Worked for my brother, though.
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