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02-01-2017 10:45 PM
pistolfan I'm having trouble putting on a SPF after my ad. it's the FS 357 mag/max in the Contender Classified. I tried the instructions listed above but I can't get it to go on my listing. What am I doing wrong or what do I do to put that after my ad. Thanks for any help. Peter aka pistolfan
12-06-2011 02:40 PM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 8-13-11 Several changes

12-06-2011 01:33 PM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 8-13-11 Several changes

You were able to post in the H&R WTB forum, so I'd guess that you're trying to post pics that are too big, read the restrictions on attachment size, you'll have to resize them smaller or host them elsewhere, see the How to Post Pics sticky.

12-06-2011 01:24 PM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 8-13-11 Several changes

I am new to this site and have been trying to post a couple of for sale adds and have not been able to get them to post any help would be great
08-12-2011 11:44 AM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 7-19-11 MAJOR changes

I'd prefer a check sent to me at:

W. S. Graham
3015 AL Hwy. 204
Jacksonville, AL 36265-5506

Be sure to add a note that it is for active trader status. That's the easiest way for me to keep it straight.
08-12-2011 06:44 AM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 7-19-11 MAJOR changes

Sounds good to me. I think bluedog6 is correct, so I should do this. How do you specify that a donation is the active trader fee? I must have missed that part.
08-10-2011 11:16 AM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 7-19-11 MAJOR changes

I don't have a hard and fast answer but am disappointed that folks who clearly fit the category are ignoring it. We have folks with well over a hundred trades and some even over 200 feedbacks. I figure to get that many feedbacks they've likely done twice or more that many trades on here.

Folks like that are the precise reason I set it up.

It's not about how many feedbacks a person has and doesn't have to be about a profit motive. If a person is regularly buying and especially selling here most weeks of the year I'd say they are definitely an active trader. On the other hand if someone buys an occasional item during them year and seldom ever puts anything up for sale they are not.

If you buy guns like the H&R Handi rifles or TC Contender and Encores and part them out on here regularly then you are what I consider to be in the category.

It's an attempt to get some of the folks who are really benefiting from the site to return a little something back to it.
08-10-2011 09:13 AM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 7-19-11 MAJOR changes

I was in the same boat. I figured for $100.00 life time how could you go wrong. It's a good thing to to support the site anyway. Anything you enoy doing is worth that. I plan on giving somethig more also,it's worth that price if you never sell anything. Meeting the people and getting help with a problem is invaluable.
08-10-2011 04:51 AM
Re: New Classifieds Rules 7-19-11 MAJOR changes

Greetings GB and GBO readers,

At what point am I an ActiveTrader ? I have traded a bit, but I am a long way from showing a profit. I know some of my stuff has been bought by dealers and resold on auction sites. Lately I have been selling off stuff that has become surplus. It is good that this equipment be used instead of ending up in a pawn shop or landfill. Maybe I should be an ActiveTrader, I dont know? I really enjoy this forum and dont want to get in trouble.

Innocent as usual, P.A.
07-20-2011 01:47 AM
New Classifieds Rules 8-13-11 Several changes

GBO Classifieds Rules August 13, 2011.

This Forum is for the buying, selling and trading of Thompson Center Contender and G2 items ONLY!

Registration is required to post new threads or replies to ALL Classifieds Forums.

Whether you have read these rules or not if you post to this forum you have in effect agreed to all terms stated here in these rules and all others stated in the GBO Terms of Use Statement which you had to make a check mark by that you had read and agreed to prior to being allowed to register. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse in the eyes of GBO Management for not following them. They are here for you to read and if you use this forum you do agree to them. If you do not agree with these rules and/or can’t abide by them then don’t post your classifieds ads here.

Post ONLY items for sale/trade by you. DO NOT post items for someone other than yourself. If they want to sell/trade the item at GBO they must register and post it their self. Posting ads for others have resulted in some real problems for me so I'm no longer going to allow that.

Firearms and ammo ads may be posted only to the forums set up for that purpose. Everyone posting ads in the Classifieds will be required to follow all Federal, State and local laws concerning firearms and ammo sales and shipment. It is YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY to comply with all applicable laws related to sale and shipment of firearms and ammo.

ALL items placed for sale on the GBO Classifieds Forums MUST have a price clearly listed. Any ad posted without a price WILL BE DELETED by the Moderators or Admin. Do not list items here that are listed on ANY Auction site. Continued refusal to post prices will result in you being banned from use of the Classifieds.

NO HI-JACKING and/or PIGGYBACKING on another members thread.

Please edit original post subject line to note items have sold or traded. Do NOT just make a new post to the thread stating they are sold/traded.

IF you move it to an auction site please edit subject line to let us know.

To edit, use the EDIT button on the original post then GO ADVANCED Just add SPF, SOLD, TRADED , NO LONGER AVAILABLE or MOVED TO AUCTION to the Title line or after the item for multiple item ads, please don't remove any of the existing text unless moving to auction, many members use old ads to determine a selling price for their item.

Moderators WILL LOCK the thread after the original poster has marked item as sold, traded, no longer available to prevent it from being returned to the top to be mixed with current active threads.


Use of this forum is free to individuals selling personally owned merchandise. This is defined as items you have held for some period of time which were acquired FOR USE BY YOU but which you no longer want. It DOES NOT include items you bought for the sole purpose of resale for profit. It also DOES NOT include items you make or manufacture your self for sale.

All ads must specifically list the items for sale or trade and list a sell price or what you wish to trade for. If a buy ad be specific in what you want to buy. While long, boring terms and descriptions are more trouble to write by sellers and to read by buyers, they do prevent problems later because both parties know up front what will be expected of them. Better than hurt feelings from simple ads with a scant item description and price only and everything else left to question and discussion. Try to make your SUBJECT line descriptive of the items for sale to the extent space allows. A well written ad should leave no questions pertinent to the sale unanswered, including terms. Write well written ads.

Specifically NOT INCLUDED in the definition of personal use items are any items you have obtained just for the purpose of selling with the hope of making a profit. However if you buy a group of items just to get a few of them and have some others you do not wish to keep you may make arrangements with me via e-mail or PM to post the surplus here whether a profit results or not. Such permissions will not be given more than twice per month.

DO NOT post items here that are listed on ANY auction site. If you list on an auction site after posting here please alter subject line to make me and the moderators aware so we can delete. If I catch folks listing items here and on an auction site privileges for this site will be revoked.

Businesses must either already be advertisers of Graybeard Outdoors or must pay to post ads

There is a special rate of only $200 per year for folks who wish to use the Classifieds Forum for that purpose additionally as a paid advertiser you may post ads to the discussion forums as are appropriate for the merchandise you are selling other than firearms which are restricted to Classifieds Forums ONLY. If you have a special circumstance that causes you to have a one time or limited time group of items to sell at a profit that will not be recurring contact me for arrangements. We'll work something out.

This might be in the case of you buying a large collection of some item that you want a few of but will sell most of hoping to turn a profit.

Businesses authorized to post are shown as SITE SPONSOR[/color] near their user name.

All other businesses or ads appearing to be from businesses will be deleted with no notice to posters. Moderators please copy me the ad for contact to see if they wish to become a paying advertiser. . If you don't agree then don't post them

You have the ability to edit your own posts in order to change anything including the subject. Also, you can reply to your own post to update people and/or bring it to the top. Either way is the correct way to update a post; posting a duplicate is not.

RULES for bumping or bringing ad back to top whether by making a post saying bump or BTT or by a price change or any other means other than replying to a post made by another are as follows:

You must wait TWO days from your last post for a bump to top post. Add TWO to the date you last posted and you can do it again on that date. If you bump it sooner your bump post will be deleted.

You may however drop your price and make a post to call attention to that and to return the item to the top IF and ONLY IF you drop the price a minimum of 10%. You MUST wait a full 24 hours from time of original post to do this UNLESS you state in original post that you need to sell this item quickly as funds are needed for an impending emergency. IF your original post states the emergency funds requirement you may reduce price 10% or more and bring it back to top. Leave the old price showing and just add the new price so folks will know what the old price and new price both are.

If it's on an auction site do not post it here.

If a seller does not ship item after payment has been made and received then that person may never again use the GBO Classifieds. I really don't wanna hear your excuses. If you take someone's money you darn well better ship them the merchandise they paid for. If you use the GBO Classifieds to sell items you are by default giving the owners and administrators of this site permission to list your full name and address in the clear in a thread for dead beats if you fail to ship merchandise to GBO Members who have paid for it. Know full well and understand clearly that if you use these classifieds to steal from GBO Members your name and full address used to take said payment will be posted for all the world to see and know you do not live up to your obligations. If you have a problem with this then do not use these classifieds to defraud members and it will not happen but if you do defraud our members we will let folks know of it.

NO Editorials or Other Commentary

The purpose of the classifieds is to buy and sell. There are plenty of other forums on GBO if you want to post your opinion on something.

If you do not like a member’s price or product FOR WHATEVER reason, feel free to PM that member with suggestions, but DO NOT POST IN THEIR THREAD. It is up to the member to set their own asking price and your opinion does not matter.

If you think his price is too high offer the seller a lower price.

If for some reason you think the sales price and/or representation of the merchandise is deliberately misleading or is a commercial sale by a non-sponsor, bring it to the attention of the moderators.

Constructive comments, relevant to sales only, are welcome. For instance, "Yes, I have this same sight and it will also mount on the XYZ rifle". Other irrelevant comments will be deleted.

How to buy/sale/trade from an ad.[/color]

The owners and management of GBO recognize the right of a seller to sell to or to refuse to sell to anyone they chose AT THE LISTED PRICE. Price gouging and bidding wars are not acceptable practices here.

If the seller refuses to sell it to the first person to post the "I'll take it" here for any reason so long as the buyer is willing to make payment as agreed then that seller may be refused use the GBO Classifieds. **See exception below**

**If there is someone you do not want to sell to then they should be on your IGNORE list so as to let me know when I check that you refused to accept their offer because you didn’t see it. With that exception to allow you to refuse to deal with specific individuals the first unqualified I’ll take it should get it. Additionally IF you have stated the items are listed elsewhere as well and it has sold there first you don’t have to sell it here. You should be prepared to provide the GBO member who posted they’ll take it and/or GBO Management with the user name and URL of the other post where it sold.**

If you have other items for sale on other GBO Classifieds Forums you may put a link to those other items in your ads to call attention to them to aid members in buying multiple items in different categories from you to save shipping costs. Do not list the items in detail just mention them in general with a link to the specific ad they are listed in.

Proof of Shipment/Payment.[/color]

GBO encourages everyone conducting a transaction to ensure proof of payment and shipment. If you sell an item and ship it with out a proof of delivery slip you can not prove you actually shipped the item if the buyer is seeking legal action or restitution.

The same is said for payment, if you send cash in the mail to pay for an item you have purchased then a) we can not aid you in your recovery b) you have got to be out of your mind in the first place.

It costs very little for these confirmations and is worth every cent of it, they are your only proof, without them it is one member's word against another's.




iTrade Feedback System

GBO now has a new Feedback system in place. Please use this system to help each other know who to and not to do business with. You can leave feedback on Buyer / Seller / and Traders. This is an ebay like feedback system and you can post positive / negative / netural feedback and post comments about your transaction. We are asking everyone to use this system that buys sells and trades on GBO.

Click a person's username to view the profile of the person and you will see the feedback score button on the right side of the controls. Just click submit feedback then click submit feedback for (username) enter the requested info about your deal. You do not have to give a URL, just your role buyer / seller / trader, the feedback type (good / bad / neutral) and a little comment about the deal. Thats it... just that simple...

Anyone that we find to be giving false feedback will be banned from leaving feedback or using the Classifieds Sections of GBO.


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