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01-30-2020 06:44 AM
lloyd smale
Vehicles of today make those of twenty years ago look silly in every department you can think of. Economic situations are the only reason I can see for any one driving one or even something older today.
words of wisdom. The people you mostly see bashing them are the ones that cant afford them. Only thing more efficient or reliable 20 years ago was us.
01-29-2020 01:49 PM
teddy45 Or as car dealers are fond of saying "There is a seat for every ass"
01-29-2020 12:31 PM
oldandslow My son-in-law drives a '62 Chevy 1/2 ton some. It's a very nice truck now. He could have bought ten or twelve of them in the year they were made for what he's put into restoration and upgrades. It will flat blow the doors and maybe the bed off what a stock one would do. Of course it's a big boy toy and only used for that. He drives a 2020 hot rod Camaro most of the time as he's still a kid in many ways.

Vehicles of today make those of twenty years ago look silly in every department you can think of. Economic situations are the only reason I can see for any one driving one or even something older today.
01-29-2020 06:18 AM
lloyd smale well all I can tell you is ford chev ram Toyota Nissan honda as a matter of fact EVERY manufacture has a service dept. Id bet you could walk into every single one of them across the country and not find an empty one. I chuckle at the "I was smart enough to buy the brand that's indestructible" idiots. Ive been in chev service depts., ford, ram (with my jeeps) and about always had to wait a week or two for an appointment.

Dad drives a Subaru and his tranny went (for the 3rd time) and he had to wait 2 weeks to even have an opening for them to look at it. Then for the 3rd time it was out of commission for almost a month. Whats that say? It says they have other problems to fix. Contrary to what some of the brainwashed think the jap manufactures make a product that's no more reliable today then the domestics. Add to that they cost less and are more technically advanced. Then the hypocrisy of some here who preach republican and trump and how hes creating jobs and trying to even out trade imbalances but what do they do to do there part? By jap cars and support jap corporations. Ever here trump say to buy JAP!!

Comical thing it some think its a badge of intelligence to pay more for the same thing and get something that give you less technology which in turn gets worse fuel economy. Might have been the smart play in the 79s and 80s when American cars were in a troubled period but today they last every bit as long as a jap unit. Get better mpg, and cost less to boot. Whos the smart one?? They guy that adapts and realizes where the improvements are or the one that's still listening to his daddy telling stories of the good old days. Typical guy that bashes new rams that hes never even sat in and lumps them in with 20 year old dodge trucks his daddy bought used (used up). Truth be told daddy didn't know a carburetor from a alternator to begin with and like you didn't buy new vehicles because he never held down a good enough job to be able to afford one.

Comical thing is guys like that are the first to cry when there job goes away because of foreign competition. I chuckle up here. Big iron ore mining area and the mining jobs have been rough up here for about 15 years. Couple of the mines even closed. All the miners scream and cry about America buying American steel but walk out in the parking lot and a good one out of ten vehicles is jap. Not even worth me handing them a cry towel.

Well the truth in it is American trucks SELL. They outsell foreign cars AND trucks and outsell domestic cars. I guess that tells me that im not alone in realizing there just more bang for the buck. I know not everyone can afford one. I feel sorry for the fact you lived your whole life and failed to do well enough to buy what you want and have to justify what you can afford by putting down what you cant. To say you wouldn't buy one even if you were a millionaire. I will just laugh because I worked my tail off to retire with a good enough pension and investments that I can afford to drive what I want within limits. (id love a new Ferrari) Wont apologize for it and will call out the idiots that think they look intelligent putting them down. Just don't see a lot of super intelligent hard working people driving 20 year old rusty Toyota pickups. At least not up here. So pretend you know something that we don't. I know some of you really struggle looking for validation so heres your chance to pretend driving 20 year old jap stuff makes you look intelligent. Just know the only one your fooling is yourself. You drive them because there all you can afford and still have supper on the table. We know the truth. Bash away. You are certainly allowed to prove to everyone here you were a loser.
01-26-2020 09:20 PM
waarp8nt I spent a fair amount of time rebuilding transmissions and axles on Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep products from 1988 to 2009, most transmission work was from 1994 and up. I can honestly say that Chrysler / Dodge had an issue with a particular transmission. They knew of the problem and had a fix for it, but kept building the transmissions with the faulty parts for another 2.5 to 3 years as not to loose money on the faulty part. Myself and 3500 other "Master Techs" repaired some transmissions under warranty...until Chrysler / Dodge got the bright idea the customer could pay for their corporate mistake if they would offer a 3/36 warranty instead of the old standard 7/70 warranty. Even with the faulty part, the transmissions would last beyond 3/36....and so the customer paid for Chrysler / Dodge mistake.

I did purchase a new Jeep while Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep was going bankrupt. Over $10,000 off retail. It was ok, just ok...we had an issue with a seat cover under warranty...The problem was they didn't have any seat covers. The forever fabric ended up being problematic and the corporation didn't order enough to cover any issues. The dealer couldn't help as it was a corporate supply issue. The lady on the phone offered a new seat cover, but it was a different color. I asked if they were going to replace all seat covers to match, she replied no. I replied its not my fault you didn't order enough and I shouldn't have to live with different colored seat covers on a new vehicle. I gave the example of the little girl walking down the street with one blue sock and one red sock on her feet. While the little girl thinks she is stylish and cool, I thinks she looks like a dumb (female dog). The lady on the phone hung up on me...

Counterfeit Corporation and I have no loyalty to any of their products.
01-26-2020 09:43 AM
purebred Yeah the tax is probably right. I think if I had a fleet of trucks like some here and badmouthed them one way or another I sure as h___ wouldn't keep them around. Makes no
sense to me excepting to maybe brag a bit.😂
01-26-2020 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by purebred View Post
I know a guy with a new Silverado . Can't keep it out of the dealership because of oil sending unit problems. He never knows if he has oil pressure or not. I only have one truck. Don't know what I would do with more. Especially paying the insurance, registration and upkeep. I guess each their own.🤔
I have heard that the manufacturers intend to be leasing most of their trucks in the near future.

Then folks can pay their monthly "truck tax" !

01-26-2020 08:40 AM
purebred I know a guy with a new Silverado . Can't keep it out of the dealership because of oil sending unit problems. He never knows if he has oil pressure or not. I only have one truck. Don't know what I would do with more. Especially paying the insurance, registration and upkeep. I guess each their own.🤔
01-26-2020 08:14 AM
Drilling Man I go by the "DM" rating...

In MY adult life, I've bought a few pu's, ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota and BY FAR the Chevys have been the most reliable!

Right now I own a Dodge Cummins, Ford 350 and a few Chevy pu's. Both the Dodge and Ford have had serious electrical problems, the Chevys just keep on, keeping on.

You can rename a Dodge anything you want, but it's still a Dodge to me! Here's what I think of them

Then there's the 2019 Ford 150 my buddy bought, at 350 miles it left him walking! My new Silverado has 11,500 miles on it, and it hasn't left me walking even one time...

01-26-2020 07:52 AM
lloyd smale thanks dave its just what ive found. Many judge them by the pickups made 10 years ago not the ones being made today.
Originally Posted by Lt. Dave View Post
Keeping to the topic, here is an article about JD Powers reliability ratings for pickups:

20 Most (and Least) Reliable Used Pickup Trucks

12) Ram 1500
Avg Reliability: 3.2/5 | Avg U.S. News Score: 8.3/10

The 2019 Ram pickup truck is completely redesigned and highly ranked in our evaluation of full-size pickups. It is the previous generation, introduced in 2009, however, that forms the basis for this analysis. These previous-generation Rams are noted for their exceptionally comfortable ride and plush cabins. Reliability has varied, though the 2013-model-year Ram stands out with its five out of five score from J.D. Power.

Ford F-150 ranked No.13, just behind the Ram

Toyota Tacoma ranked No. 11, just ahead of the Ram

Toyota Tundra ranked No. 8

Chevy Silverado ranked No. 6

GMC Sierra ranked No. 4

Ford Ranger No. 3

Honda Ridgeline No. 1
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