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I think all my rifles are beautiful! Got a Win featherweight some years back and really think it is a beautiful rifle. One of only two winchester bolt actions I've ever had. But just to brag, probably the rifle I like most is my 1903 Springfield customized by Paul Jaeger in 1945!

Got it from a good friend when he passed. He had it made when he got out of the service in 1945, getting out present. To many corossive primer's down the barrel and not in the best shape but still put's 180's into an 1 1/4" when I do my part. It's my elk rifle! had a rifle before this that was a huge favorite, mod 660 Rem. Stock looked more like a fence post than a rifle stock but boy did it shoot well and handel well! A drop dead beautiful woman that can't cook has very little appeal! That old 1903 could cook and 660!