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  1. Thompson Center Handguns Sponsored by Ed's TCs
    I just snagged what I thought was a stainless steel 10” .22LR barrel. When I tried to install it on one of my Contender frames the pin would not go through the barrel lug. A little research today revealed that Armour Alloy II is a plating, not stainless steel. I didn’t know that. Apparently I...
  2. Contender Classifieds
    I am selling an unfired Gary Reeder 12” stainless barrel in .257 Raptor with new dies and 200 new .204 Ruger cases. The .257 Raptor is the .294 Ruger necked up to .257. The only trades would be for a 14” or 16” .45/410 vent rib barrel
    $425 USD
  3. For Trade Super-16 30-30

    Contender Classifieds
    This 30-30 Super-16 barrel is in very good condition, very little use, only minor rub marks to the bluing. Sights and weaver scope base can go with it, as long as the barrel trading for also has them. Not for sale at this point, but if you have to have it and don’t have a barrel to trade then...
  4. Contender Classifieds
    here we have a 12" .223 Ingram contender barrel, with Leupold scope mount barrel is in good condition unit has been prepped for new paint but was never painted FYI original color was blue asking 300 OBO 250 OBO 225.00 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: also have a Leupold scope M8 4x Extended ER gold...
    $225 USD
  5. Contender Classifieds
    I want to sell a few things. Will ship barrels via post office, buyer pays actual usps postage. I’ve made some sturdy boxes to ship them in. Frame will ship to FFL. Everything is in good serviceable condition. Crisp rifling and shiny bores, blueing good with minor wear, no rust or damage...
    $400 USD
  6. Handgun Hunting and General Discussion
    Hello, I recently came into a Sterling Arms X-Caliber and was wondering if anyone had knowledge on changing the firing modes from rimfire to centerfire. I can't seem to find any technical info on these guns, but they bear a few similarities to the Contender pistols in that the barrels are meant...
  7. Thompson Center Handguns Sponsored by Ed's TCs
    I just got into Contenders and purchased an octagonal .357 magnum barrel. I noticed the windage adjustment screw turns very easily and can even be adjusted with a fingernail. This seems a little odd as I would expect greater resistance in an adjustment screw. Is there a fix for this, or is it...
  8. Contender Classifieds
    Looking for 12" hunter with or without open sights, 14" hunter or 14" standard. Prefer stainless but blue OK. Prefer barrels with open sights.
  9. Contender Classifieds
    Preference being iron sights- 357 RM or 44 RM. I make stocks sets and really need a barrel that's suitable for pictures. Either screw spacing is fine but no single screw.
  10. Contender Classifieds
    Thompson Center Contender 10" Octagon Barrel 44 Mag. with choke tube and wrench. Scoped with Bushnell Magnum Phantom 1.3x Condition is "Used". Has marks from normal use. Great shape. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. $270 shipped.
  11. Contender Classifieds
    I’ve got a nice 10” 357 mag blued contender barrel I’d like to trade for another blued contender barrel or SS encore barrel. Looking for oddballs, I reload so it’s not an issue. Only reason for getting rid of this one is I upgraded to a custom 357max. It shoots nice with pretty much anything. I...
1-11 of 11 Results