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  1. Thompson Center Handguns Sponsored by Ed's TCs
    Recently purchased the pistol version of these guns, but I cannot tell if it is an Encore version, G2 version, or what it is. It has a serial number on it of 141262 and the frame has the etching of a panther/mountain lion on a rock. Is there a website I can go to and put in that number to...
  2. Encore/Contender & TCR Rifle Sponsored by Ed's TC
    To preface, I own 45s (Colt and ACP), have ammo, and the only reloading dies I currently own are 45 Colt. Hence me asking a question that usually gets answered with "Why on earth would you want to do that?" How accurate is the 45 Colt when shot out of a 460 S&W (or out of a 454 Casull)? I am...
  3. Encore Classifieds
    I have 2-New 15" Stainless Encore Barrels that I would like to relocate. (1) is a 7MM-08 wearing a Base, QD Warne Stainless steel rings, and a Bushnell 2-6 Matching pistol scope, and a Pachmeyer forend and Pistol grip. Never mounted or fired. (2) is a .308 15" Stainless new never fired. Boxes...
1-3 of 3 Results