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  1. Misc H&R talk, Collectibles, Handguns etc
    Gentlemen, My late grandfather owned this revolver, which he bought in the 80's. It has the following on it Top of Barrel : H & R Arms CO. WORCESTER, MASS, USA Left side of Barrel: 32 CAL S & W CTGE Bottom of Grip: 190771 I would like to identify the model and year of...
  2. Huntsman and Sidekick Muzzle Loaders
    Huntsman New England firearms .50 cal My Stryker lifter assembly broke and I’m not sure what I’m looking for I’m pretty sure it’s an sb1 receiver but I don’t want to order the wrong part any help would be greatly appreciated and or if someone has parts willing to sell
1-2 of 2 Results