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'06 Range Report

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Well I do think I have found out the problem....
I tried GB's trick with black tape under the forend and my groups are getting better.Same load as before 58grs IMR4350 and a 150gr Hornady it shot 1.6" without tape with tape it shot 1".Shot it again without tape groups opened up to 1.6" to 2" put tape back groups went back to 1" to 1.3"I am going to order a set of laminated pistol grip/forend from eabco
I just don't like the soft rubber forend. :) I tried some factory 150gr Federals that shot just over a 1/2" would any of you know what powder they use?
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How much faster burning........are you thinking IMR4895 ?
What you say, :roll: 39.5grs of IMR4895 in my IMR handloaders handbook it gives a MAX load of 36.0grs :eek: with a 120gr Sierra for the .260Rem
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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