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Floating and bedding Ruger #1 fore end

:grin: Yep, been there and done that as the saying goes. If you are handy with Acraglas (red & blue box NOT!! the green and blue), it is doable at home. Just make sure you always have ALL of your ducks in a row BEFORE you mix the resin.

Once the bedding is done, the rest of the forend can be floated after which the only wood/barrel contact will be few points such as the end of the underbarrel hanger, the bottom of the adjusting screw block (adjustment screw for extractor/ejector) etc., plus a possible band of glass under the barrel just ahead of the hanger.

Worked for me. Had some photographs around at one time, possible???? that they could be found and sent your way if you were interested and IF :oops: they could be found.

Good luck and DON'T let that glass get in the wrong places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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