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This morning #1 son Bobby and I were hunting on some private land on a cold and windy morning. About 6:25 AM or so I heard what I thought was a deer to my left front but saw nothing. Later at 7:31 AM I heard a shot from Bobby's rifle.

He was sitting in my Tree House Stand near the big oak. I was in the Original Stand also known these days as Faye's Stand. We were about 200 yards apart. Here is the result of that shot.

Seems the buck travelled somewhere out in front of me where it is so thick I can't see more than 35-40 yards in most places. Went thru the patch of woods between a couple of logging roads and crossed the one going to the stand Bobby was in. He saw it going across the road and shot it in the thick brush heading down into the hollow toward my Low Stand.

This was Bobby's first kill of the season after missing a couple with his bow and arrow. Robin Hood he ain't. :)

Congrats Bobby.

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