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11-48 rem magazine tube

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Anybody out there with any experience replacing one of these. The threaded end was broken off and needs to be replaced. Either I replace the tube or weld an end on the broken tube in place? Thanks for the replies...the gunnut69
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I have a copy of Remingtons' booklet of instructions and parts list. It looks to me as if the magazine on a 11-48 is a press fit. The info you have is correct as it being part of the receiver assembley. The magazine tube on the M-11 however is a separate piece threaded on each end. Don't know if this could be adapted to the 11-48. You might try contacting Remington however you would probably be better off contacting a local gunsmith. I've never had much luck with Remington except visiting them while they are at the Grand, where they have a few gunsmiths in attendance.
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