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12 ga blackpowder load

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I am using 70 gr of FF with card wad, cushion, and B card with 1oz. of shot Has anyone used a similiar combination with the addition of a plastic shot protector wad between the cushion and B card wad? If so have you had any plastic buildup problems and what did you think of the patterning? This is used in a cartridge gun, not a muzzle loader.
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38, the only similarities in our loads appears to be FF and plastic. The plasitc melts and smears down the barrel. It does not cause a problem with the next shots, patterning, nor cleaning. It comes out easily.

Sorry I can't help more, I'm sure some will give you more, better information later
I load 70 grains of 2F ( Cleanshot ) by volume with a Win Red Wad and 1 1/8 oz # 7 1/2 shot in most any hull with most any primer . I like the older Red Win AAs or Rem STS hulls the best but have had good luck with the Rem black hulls also . I don't like the Feather Lite hulls cause they won't crimp well for me . I use Ballistol to clean with and the plastic isn't a problem . Just spray the bore good with the Moose Milk and let set a little bit and push a paper towel wad through the barrels . The plastic comes out in one gob looking something like a sauage skin . :eek:
The plastic shot cup will tighten yer pattern. Using an over powder card as yer base, I suggest you try a BP-12 shot cup with three slits and a 20ga felt cushion wad within the shot cup to take up some space. Depending upon how ya slit the cup, it can be made to shoot one to two chokes (maybe more) tighter. Shot must fill the cup and then some. Otherwise, your load is a nice light one for CAS type duty; similar to my 16ga loading.

My recipe calls for a Lee 4.3 scoop of the smokey stuff, then a red win wad, 1 1/8 of 7 1/2 and crimp. I don't even have a clue what the volume of a 4.3 is, but I would guess about 65 grs. This is a good combo for me with my mod chokes. Sort of like shooting a rifle.
Plumb forgot, 38/55;

Ya can more easily get a "shot cup" with your exact same load and cards and all by duplicating the Winchester Mark V shot wrapper. Ballistic Porducts sells the mylar wrappers already cut to the correct size for 12ga and they take up virtually no room and ya get no bore scrubbing and no melted plastic as mylar jest won't melt that way. Works real well. I would set the over powder card then the mylar wrapper and then seat the fiber cushion inside of the mylar wrap if I could without scrunching it -- that way yer 1oz load will not set under the top of the mylar -- ya always want the shot colum to rest jest a little above the top of the wad. Maybe a 16ga fiber cushion would set better that way.
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