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12g Remington 870 Slug Gun

I bought this with intentions of hunting in a shotgun only area. Well it never happened. This gun has less than 25 slugs through it. With only two trips to the range. Then it sat in the safe.
-98% condition - It's better than that. But I want to be fair
-Laminated stock, its very nice.
-Fully rifled barrel
-2 3/4 or 3 inch
-Upgraded fiber optic sights, plus a bonus extra front sight. (original sights included)
-Upgraded magazine cap with sling stud (original included)
-Box and paper work included
-Camo stock shell holder
-10 fusion sabot slugs
-8 federal blue box sabot slugs
-20 Winchester Rack Master Rifled slugs
-Roll crimping tool
-1/3 full jug of Herco
-2 shot shell boxes
-25 Reloaded slugs using 36 grains of Herco with 490 grain hammer head slugs from slugs r us out of Bedford,Pa. Along with a bunch of empty hulls

$500.00 ftf w/ lc near Shillington, PA or will ship signature required to your ffl on your dime. This will need to be two seperate packages.

No trades unless its contender parts.

I know I am new here. This is my first post. If you would like feed back on me I can provide ebay links, and can put you in touch with others I have dealt with on the fire and several other websites. Thank you

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