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The sights on the Crosman 1377/1322/PC77 American Classic/Pumpmaster Classic are fairly crude.

On my almost new PC77, I had previously modified the rear sight by lowering it down to it's lowest adjustment, and then filing the slot down to the adjustment screw. But it was still an inch too high at 10 yards. And the wide front sight blade made precise aim very difficult for me.

So I decided to round up some candidates from around the house for raising the top of the front sight.
As you can see from the top picture, my choices were: yellow or green zip ties, green aquarium air line, orange trimmer line, or a gold link from a decorative key chain.
I chose the gold chain link for it's smaller diameter that would enable more precise lateral alignment over the larger trimmer line. Also, some of my targets are orange, which might make the trimmer line hard to see. If I'd have had some smaller diameter light green trimmer line, I might have chosen it.

The link was first straightened, and then trimmed to length, and finally super glued in place for my gold bead front sight.

Durability could come into question if this pistol was subject to rough treatment. And in that case, some trimmer line that was filed flat on one side would probably stick better given it's more porous surface and greater glueing surface area.

At any rate, here's a few pictures of the "free gold bead mod". And the accuracy results.
Keep in mind that I'm no professional shooter, and have little patience for time before looking down the barrel and squeezing the trigger.
To simulate a field situation where I might be sitting on the ground against a tree, I shot from a chair at 10 yards with a man style leg cross(right ankle on left knee), using my raised right knee as a rest for the butt end of the pistol.
The 10 shot group shows three called flyers, from my twitching. And 7 shots in about a dime size starting at the bottom right of the bull.
My goal of lowering POI to POA has been achieved, and the bead has made it easier to bring my groups in laterally also.
More practice is still needed.


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