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.17 HMR

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I recently saw a .17 HMR wheelgun. I believe that it was one of the Taurus Tracker models.

Has anyone tested one of these little guys out yet.

What kind of ballistics can I expect out of a 6.5 inch barrel?

I use my .22 WMR wheelgun for fun and inexpensive target shooting so I thouhgt that this may be another nice toy to have :-D
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I am currently waiting for my pistol permit to clear, to purchase a new Heritage Arms Co. Roughrider, in .17 HMR, I'll post results of its performance when I get it.
I picked up mine, havent shot it yet though. I see Ruger is also making them in the New Model Single Six for next year.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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