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17 vs 223

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I had a 17 rem mod 700 a few years ago have sold it and all the loading stuff I had with it. I use a 223 more and enjoy it much more. The challange was there with the 17 on working with loads and so was the frustration, not to complain I probably didnt give it a fair chance but I had days when if there was a little too much wind I could outshoot my 17 at 100 yds with a 22mag. so off it went. Sometimes I just wish I would have given it a little more time and patience. :oops: JIM
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17 remington????????????/

17 rem.
25gr bullet-hp,pl. muzzle velocity--4,020. muzzle energy--900ft lbs.
Re: 17 remington????????????/

V-Hunter said:
I am interested in the 17 remington centerfire and was wondering if I should get a 223 instead? Any info on the 17 will be appreciated! Thanks!
I stumbled onto a great deal on a 17 Rem 700 Classic a few months back, so I grabbed it. I finally got around to ordering some 17 caliber bullets and took it out to the range last Sunday. The weather was rain and wind, far from optimum for good shooting, and even worse for the little 17. With new brass I still managed to shoot several groups near the 3/4" mark at 100 yards. I think that on a better weather day, 1/2" might be well within the capability of the rifle.

The small bullets make reloading a bit more tedious than a 223. Unless you're planning on shooting hundreds of rounds a weekend, it's not going to be that big of deal. If the rifle your next rifle is going to be your one and only varmit rig, I'd still have to give the nod to the 223. You can get ammo for it anywhere and with the heavier bullets it will perform better on large critters.
17 remington????????????/

I have owned 2 700 .17 Remingtons for over ten years. One of them has over 100 coyote and bobcat kills. All things considered, you will never regret the 17. It is an awesome performer, a little more trouble than the 22's, but the performance is incredible. Check out the comments at
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