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17 vs 223

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I owned a 17 rem years ago never got around to using in for hunting as I sold it out of frustration. We use 223 and 22-250 mostly here for coyotes and alot of the guys since the game and fish raised the caliber restrition from .25 to .30 last year have been using their deer rifles for double duty and enjoying it. :D JIM
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17 centerfire

I have a .223 and like it. It does everything I ask of it and has some flexibility in terms of reduced loads for small game and heavier bullets for medium game -- where legal. Ammo will be cheaper and easier to come by. I think, too, the .223 will be less affected by wind. But there is the undeniable cool factor on the .17's side.

Anyone out there use a .222 for coyotes or other varmits?
Any opinions on this caliber?
17 centerfire

I have a Sako hunter model in 17 Rem and I do like to shoot it but I have used my 223 more than just about any I own. It is a nice compromise between my 220 Swift and the 17. Plus the shells are so cheap. If you don't reload, I wouldn't recommend the 17 because the ammo is pretty steep and kind of tough to find sometimes.

woodchuck the 222 is a excellent caliber vary accurate I have had several in that cal. but taking all into account I would probably stay with a 223 as ammo is much more avail/ if you dont reload and cheeper also. If you reload then the 222 can come real close too the 223 though. :D JIM
17 centerfire

I have used and continue to use the 17 Remington as a winter fur rifle. I have had great success with it in Eastern Washington (state) on coyotes. It does however have a shorter effective range than many of the 22 centerfires. That 25 grain pill does a great job but is running out of steam after 250 yards. Quite often you will not even find the entrance wound until the coyote is skinned. As for the 222 as a varmint gun, I have a couple and really enjoy them. One is a Savage 24V 222/20 gauge which I consider to be a great calling gun. I use 3" BB's in the 20 gauge (reloads) and a 50 grain SX or TNT in the 222. I keep the barrel selector on the shotgun barrel while I am calling. If one hangs up outside of shotgun range it is a simple matter to switch to the rifle barrel as you cock the hammer. However if one sneaks in on you and you have the selector on the rifle barrel if can be nerve rattling trying to change to the shotgun barrel with a coyote filling up every inch of your scope. I use a 1.5x Weaver on the 222/20 gauge and a 6x Burris mini on the 17. 8)
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17 remington fan

I have used a 17 remington in a 700 for 14 years on fox, coyotes, and bobcat. I own 3 now, 2 700's and a 14"contender, all shoot sub MOA with 4320 and hornady 25 grain bullets at 3950 fps. No recoil, you see the bullet strike your target, and absolutely no hide damage ever. I will never use a 22 centerfire. My windy day gun is a 257wthby with75 grain Vmax at 4000fps.
17 centerfire

I have to second eskimo. The 17 is not the gods gift to varmint hunting but it comes closs if you want to have a accurate rifle that killls effectively and does little to no damage to the pelt. I have gone through all the popular calibers 222, 223, 22 hornet, 22-250 and 220 swift. All are great choices. I just enjoy the little 17 and when pelt damage is not an issue I go for the 243.
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