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1895m to loud

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just trades my 450 marlin 1895m for a 450 1895mr. No more ports, wayyyyyyyyyyy to loud. 22 inch barrel and pistol grip style butt seems to be the only difference. Oh ya... the $100. also. Anybody else use the mr series. Is there mush difference in recoil between the ported and unported?
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I'm assuming you havn't shot it yet? I have not shot one like you have but I would guess that the extra 4" of barrel weight would offset some of the recoil and noise. I personally never thought it was all that loud. The ports are pretty small. I would like to hear if you think there is a big difference in noise level after you shoot your new one. KN
Barrel porting, the subject that will never be allowed to die. I can only assume that everyone who complains about the ported rifle barrels has never had the opportunity to own, shoot, or even be around any big bore revolvers. The 454 and 480 are certainly no easier on the ear when fired from a revolver with it's barrel cylinder gap and short barrel than a 450 or 45-70 from a long barreled rifle yet I never hear anyone talk about trading their RB for a 14" contender barrel in the same caliber because it's so much quieter. Surely I'm not the only one to make this comparison. It just doesn't make sense!

The way I see it, you have a choice, but it has nothing to do with ported or unported barrels. The choice is either protect your hearing or go deaf as a rock, but whatever you decide, make that decision only for yourself. Others may like the ports and it's not up to you to decide for them that they're bad. The dummycraps are trying to make too many decisions for us all as it is. Lets not act like they do.
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Old Syko

I am not bothered by the blast from ported say sumptin :wink: But many people have expressed up to and including PAIN from the increase in blast. Has to be a fair problem as Browning added the non ported Boss to the roster as an after market buy for the consumers who were screaming.

Depends to a degree what you are shooting too. The blast from a 378 Weatherby goes unheard as I black out for a half second when I touch one off! How can you not? At that recoil level and speed the fluid in your skull slams like a wave on a rock at the ocean :lol:

IMO, a man that lights off a 460 Wby with a 500 grain bullet WITHOUT a Pendelton muzzle brake is going to be doing rehab as his shoulder and collar bone try to mend back together. I can say that on account of I dun it. Better than 100 foot pounds of rearwood thrust, YIKES! But it was fun.

I'd not shoot hand, or long guns off a bench without muffs. But I sure won't use em in the field hunting. The woods seem to drink up a lot of the blast, the excitment quiets the rest I think.

As far as the man trading out for a gun that won't rip his ears out, well I don't see no wrong in that. Man that admits he's getting beat by his 375 H&H and can't shoot it well, trades it out for a shootable 30-06 and lays his lead proper, well, I take my hat off to that man :grin:


PS-I'm glad you ain't no Dummycrap, man I hate them danged fools!!!
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