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Old Syko

I am not bothered by the blast from ported say sumptin :wink: But many people have expressed up to and including PAIN from the increase in blast. Has to be a fair problem as Browning added the non ported Boss to the roster as an after market buy for the consumers who were screaming.

Depends to a degree what you are shooting too. The blast from a 378 Weatherby goes unheard as I black out for a half second when I touch one off! How can you not? At that recoil level and speed the fluid in your skull slams like a wave on a rock at the ocean :lol:

IMO, a man that lights off a 460 Wby with a 500 grain bullet WITHOUT a Pendelton muzzle brake is going to be doing rehab as his shoulder and collar bone try to mend back together. I can say that on account of I dun it. Better than 100 foot pounds of rearwood thrust, YIKES! But it was fun.

I'd not shoot hand, or long guns off a bench without muffs. But I sure won't use em in the field hunting. The woods seem to drink up a lot of the blast, the excitment quiets the rest I think.

As far as the man trading out for a gun that won't rip his ears out, well I don't see no wrong in that. Man that admits he's getting beat by his 375 H&H and can't shoot it well, trades it out for a shootable 30-06 and lays his lead proper, well, I take my hat off to that man :grin:


PS-I'm glad you ain't no Dummycrap, man I hate them danged fools!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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