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.19 Calhoon

Well Duxman, I came very, very close to doing so but finally went
to the Tactical 20. The only reasons being that the 19 cal bullets
are made by just one company, and that there was promise of
a larger bullet selection in the .204's.

As far as convenience, one can order about everything needed
including the rifle from James Calhoon. He supplies dies, cleaning
supplies, bullets at very good prices and in fact, the only things
left out are primers & powder! As long as James stays in
business, a person is set. My biggest problem with the .19 was
if something were to happen to the business, NO ONE out there
would be making the .19 bullets.

The .19/223 Calhoon is almost a twin to the Tactical 20 and
would be much easier to form cases for it.

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Thanks, I've been looking all over for supplies ect., and I see that it is a one man show. I'll have to look at the tactical .20. Nothing like spending a load of money on gun, reloding equipment and other stuff only to run out of bullets ten years down the road.

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DannoBoone, what kind of Tac 20 did you get? I have an Encore and I'm interested in a 16 1/4" barrel for it so I can shoot it as a carbine or as a pistol, I've read that I can almost reach 4000 with it in a short barrel, let me know.

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Selmer - My Tactical 20 barrel is on an Encore rifle with a 24" barrel made
by VVCG. I originally wanted a 26" barrel, but Steve Stratton talked me
into a shorter barrel, as it would come to weigh 10 1/4 pounds with scope
as it is. The extra two inches may very well have offset the balance.

Although the inventor of the cartridge says he got 4350fps with his, I get
way too much pressure at anything beyond 4100fps with the Winchester
brass. I'm about to prepare the IMI brass that Todd Kindler used since
it is supposed to withstand higher pressures, but will probably make loads
at 4000-4100fps (possibly even slower) to help the barrel last longer. The
only bullets which had flyers were the 36gr Bergers at the higher speeds.
Loaded slower, I've gotten 1/4" groups with them. Any bullet tried so far
is accurate with just a little load testing.

In a 16 1/4" barrel you may have a little more of a kick, but it is pretty
easy to keep the scope on target with this rifle barrel.
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