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With the 18# recoil spring and full length guide rod and using new Russian WOLF ball ammo.

I noticed the gun comes up perfectly verticle about a 1 1/2" and that little movement makes it return to the point of aim very quickly. I shot it using WOLF ball ammo on this test. This first spring seems to be really near the sweet spot on the 45acp with the Wolf ball ammo.
I didn't pay any attention to accuracy yet because i still have the std loose barrel bushing. With out the full length guide rod I can hear the spring coiling up inside the slide. I just ordered a national match bushing that appears tighter on the barrel but it has to be fitted to the barrel slide. I have noticed the std barrel bushings are a little loose in the slides so the national match bushing will fix that problem. I have noticed the slide feels snug with the full length guide rod on the side to side movement. And it shows when i fire it by comming up straight on the recoil that the full length guide rod may just keep all the forces even on the centerline of the pistol. I'm firing the pistol with one hand.

I installed the new full length guide rod w/18lb spring and a new barrel from sportsmans guide.
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