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Help??? Too Late Now, You've Been Bitten

Let's shootin...varmit....deer. Yep, OK you got the bug!! You've hit on my favorite caliber, the 6.5mm. Now Contender or Encore...A year ago or even less I wouldn't have hesitated...CONTENDER. But here lately I've had a little change of heart and the main reason is a 15" .260Rem barrel. I hate to admit it, but I'm beginning to take a shine to this thing called Encore,even after all my bad mouthing 'bout it. Now I still think that if it had to be one and only one ( God Forbid ) I would pick Contender in 6.5JDJ, but the above mentioned .260 in Encore just might not be far behind. You mentioned 6.5TCU and Bullberry. 6.5TCU is maybe a little on the light side for deer, might talk to Fred at Bullberry 'bout his Bullberry series ( I think he has one in 6.5mm ). It's based on 30-30 instead of .223.
Now, if I got you completely confused w/ all my jibberish on the above and you're wondering what to do next, RELAX you are now right at home w/ the rest of US. Well most of us anyway. Welcome to the club.
GOOD SHOOTIN', Walt :-D :-D :-D
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